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Want to check out other tales from around the Northwest Territories? Here's our full selection of stories – about sailing Great Slave Lake, the science of building an ice road, why muskoxen are showing up on our doorsteps, the North's official flower, and more.

Up here, it's just a bit different

For photography in the Northwest Territories, this is your best shot. 

Your guide to the hot happenings in the chilly North

You already know about polar bears, gold mines, Northern Lights, and endless evergreen forests...

Your insider's guide to 13 must-see species.

Exploring the watery wonders of “The Land of the Ancestors.” 

Surprise! The Northern Lights like it hot. In late summer and fall, our skies are ablaze...

Oh, ya know, no big deal – just kayaking off a 107-foot-high waterfall.

9 intriguing historical sites in the heart of the Northwest Territories.

Some of Canada’s most valuable art treasures hide in plain sight...

100 feet high. 100 million pounds. And a kilometre from side to side...

The best way to see the North's signature park? While skimming over the peaks. 

For eons, Fort Simpson has been a gathering place – for Dene, Métis, traders and more. ...

Why Yellowknife in winter will warm your heart – and take your breath away.

Of all the alpine rivers in the Northwest Territories, the wildest may be the Mountain....

Discovering the rich culture of the Dene First Nations.

11 starring treks that'll leave you on top of the world. 

When the going gets rough, waddaya do? You travel like a true Northerner. 

9 reasons the mighty Mackenzie is Canada's coolest waterway.

What was the official name for Łutselk’e? Which town used to be called Rae-Edzo? 

From gurgling pourovers to thundering plumes, these waterfalls are a marvel to behold.

Meet Yellowknife's reigning monarch, host of our greatest winter festival.

For eco-adventurers, the Northwest Territories is a trip back to nature. 

What you need to know to reel in the Unknown

A century after two gold-seeking siblings were found beheaded, a Northern mystery endures....

These stops along your jouney are spectacular.

Reindeer in herds. Lonesome mountains. Canada's greatest river delta – and more....

From blissful bays to wild waves, our waters are sure to float your boat.  

Can’t tell a Cessna from a Piper? Here’s the lowdown on the North’s high...

Travelling – and singing – like a fur-trader.  

Nahanni National Park Reserve is a landscape like no other. Here’s what not to miss. 

Like the song says, "You haven't been this alive in a long time." 

East of Great Slave is a regal, lonesome realm – the treeless zone of the Barrens.

Nááts’ihch’oh National Park is a glorious, wild tongue-twister. Here's why to go now.

The Dempster Highway is the most fun you can have while sitting down. 

17 essential experiences in Canada's Northwest Territories.

"A sight casting dream."

Feel the beat of the Arctic at Inuvik's annual Muskrat Jamboree.

If you thought the Aurora was only a wintertime phenomenon, think again.

Trivia question: Which is warmer, the Northwest Territories or Hawaii?

Take a buzz through Northwest Territories parks, where dreams take flight.

Talking to the elder statesman of Western Arctic tourism.

Keep your binoculars at the ready. Our skies soar with birdlife. These deserve your focus:...

Up here, they're just a bit different

Tuktut Nogait is an unsung Eden, with fewer visitors per decade than Banff sees every...

In Fort McPherson, the souvenirs are as tough and colourful as the North itself. 

9 reasons our wild bison are a wonder to behold.

Even during the winter, Yellowknife’s Old Town is hot and happening. 

On Great Slave Lake, pike are fierce, feisty – and they love to strike a fly. 

The Northern Lights have seen queer sights – especially these.

Flying in floatplanes. Riding on car ferries. And – yes, skinnydipping. 

Talking with the first lady of Black Feather, who put Northern rivers on the world map.

Here lie the most legendary Mounties in the North.

Pingos, grizzlies, the midnight sun, and a brief brisk dip in the polar sea....

Don’t let the name fool you: our finest music fest, Folk on the Rocks, isn’t just folk tunes...

At the Acho Dene craft store, the first thing to strike you is the aroma of tanned...

Itinerary: Three wild days on Canada’s northernmost road

Believe it or not, Northerners are golf-crazy. (Be sure to let the muskox play through.)

Here's how to make the most of 48 hours in paradise. 

Pack extra adjectives. This is a land of extremes. 

Why the Northwest Territories is a glittering gem.

Too distant? That's not even close to true. We're within reach – but beyond belief. ...

15 reasons why the Nahanni will change your life.

"Márcı ją nuwe ghą núhdël" – that's what you'll say after reading this story.  ...

Our official flower, the mountain avens, blankets the Barrenlands with creamy wonders....

Can't sleep? Racing pulse? Breathless? You’ve likely come down with Aurora Borealis. 

Why Northern angling is a bridge between generations.

Up here, it's just a little different

Too cold? Never! Here's why life is better in our chilly weather.

Hint: #6 stretches more than 2,000 feet.

The trip of your lifetime. 

Some people swear the Aurora makes a sound. Others say they're just hearing things. 

No matter where you are in Yellowknife, wild experiences are just minutes away.

13 remarkable reasons to visit Great Bear and Great Slave.

Five myths about the Northern Lights, debunked.

Welcome to the gateway to the Northwest Passage, with the most exotic ports-of-call on Earth....

Here's your guide to the tail-wagging tour guides of the Northwest Territories.

Here's how to make the most of 72 hours in the spiritual heartland of the North. 

Tough sledding? Hardly. Up here, winter travel is 'snow' problem.

Discover the long-sought-after sea route over the top of the world. 

Wanna get to a place of meaning? Here's a hint: You aren't going to drive there. 

Here's how to make the most of 48-hours in the happening hub of the North. 

Up here, you’ll catch lots of fish – just be careful the fish don’t catch you.  

Snowmobiling, ice fishing, aurora watching, dogsled touring ... and that's just Day...

Why the epic Canol is Canada's greatest hike.

What do we do in winter? Dogsledding, snowy sliding – and oh yeah, the Aurora. 

Explore these mysterious sites and you’ll agree: It’s weird at the top of the world.

Up here in the land of long shadows, the fun never sets.

Why the Northwest Territorties is a cyclist's unsung wonderland.

Yellowknife features dozens of great eateries, but none is so iconic as the Wildcat Café....

It’s more than just a lake. For eons, Great Slave has been the heart of the North....

The NWT’s Great Slave is a big lake with a very deep secret.

'We plan on going back many, many more years. It’s the perfect place.'

Up here, the rivers are renowned. Here's your guide to our legendary waterways....

The Keele River – a glorious, glacier-fed waterslide through a wild empire of peaks....

With the arrival of winter, it's time to rev up for a polar road-trip.

Running water. Central heating. Overhead lights. Roughing it has never been better. 

Anchored in beatific Great Bear Lake, Délįne is spiritual and serene.

Protecting the world's greatest wilderness river wasn't easy. Here's how it was done. 

How do you build a frozen highway? Here's the science of the world's coolest roads.

Here's how to make the most of 72 hours in Canada's biggest, wildest park. 

Lace up your skates for the North's great festival of hockey.

Canoe believe how fun this is?

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy moosehide moccasins, which is the same thing...

In the land of perpetual sun, it's easy to play 18 holes before dark.

What’s even better than seeing the Arctic Ocean? Feeling it.

How to celebrate your country in the True North Strong and Free.

In Ulukhaktok, you don't make a carving – you see a carving, and allow it to take form....

A Toronto chanteuse and a Northern troubadour sing a lullaby for the long winter's night....

Up here, they’re just a bit different

Go with the flow on in Canada's fresh-water paradise.

No signposts, no boardwalks, no bridges. Just 355 kilometres of untamed country. 

Spoiler Warning: It’s worth it.

Driving to Alaska this summer? Don’t let this wild side-trip pass you by. 

It happens each winter. The tundra shudders. And then the horde of reindeer appears.

Waterfalls that shake the earth. Wild whitewater. And a lake that's like the sea. ...

Up here you won’t pay extra for a shorefront view

Canada's most colourful neighbourhood hosts a funky three-day street festival.

This is a land teeming with waterfalls.

Talking to the boatman who pioneered adventure travel on the epic Thelon River. 

Northerners like to shout the region’s praises. Sometimes our cars do too. 

Weaving a signature design for Northern Métis. 

Summer is all about feeling sand between your toes. Northerners are no exception......

Yoga. Mindfulness. Therapy. Atavan. Or you could simply visit the Northwest Territories....

Hooking a Great Slave trout is even easier than you thought. The secret? Just stand up....

Mittens – check. Headlamp – check. Bailey's – OK, we're good to go! 

Inuvik is the end of the road and the beginning of the Big Beyond.

Why the best way to see the Arctic is from just above water ....

In the land of long shadows, the change from winter to summer is like night and day. ...

Why the North's shaggiest beast is coming to a town near you. 

In Canada’s biggest park, battles for survival are a daily occurrence...

Great Slave Lake, the Canadian Shield, Barrenland rivers, timeless villages – and more....

A road-trippers' tour of three great territorial campgrounds.

In size, it dwarfs Denmark. Overshadows Taiwan. Jamaica could fit in its pocket...  ...

Norman Wells is a flightseeing paradise. From here, aerial tours glide off in all directions...

Here's how to make the most of a long weekend in the North's Nahanni gateway.

Puppy love and perfect sledding with the adorable white huskies of inuvik.

At the Acho Dene Native Crafts store, the first thing that’ll strike you is the scent: ...

Already famed among fishermen, the lake is becoming a hotspot for culture and history.

It's the biggest Arctic arts show in Canada. Here's why it'll blow your mind. 

At this celebration of the heavens, you'll be over the moon. 

Talking to Swedish wildman who built a fishing paradise on Great Slave Lake.

Get a peek at our new road to the Beaufort Sea coast.

Got vertigo? Stick to golf. This climb ain't for the faint of heart. 

Take a scenic ride to Wrigley on the remote Heritage Route.

Up here, they’re just a bit different

Is this Canada’s most epic big-river route?

A city rising from the evergreens. A lake, deep as eternity. And energy like nowhere else...

The Sahtu: ancient cultures, wild waters and world-record fish

To see the Aurora, take the road less travelled...

Why horseback hunts in the Mackenzie Mountains are the experience of a lifetime.

200,000 volts? 400 kilometres high? And other dazzling fact about Northern Lights...

You won't believe what happens when the world's northernmost snakes get frisky. 

A road-trippers’ tour of three great territorial campgrounds.

Need a digital detox? Unplug from the commonplace and discover a deeper connection. 

Pull off you shoes and socks and stride across the Salt Plains, nature's very own foot-spa...

At this artisanal Dene garment shop, cozy fur clothing is haute couture.

What happens when an orange juice company visits the dark Arctic? A really bright idea.

Experience the finest summer festivals in Canada's North

7 remarkable reasons why the Northwest Territories has the finest Auroras on Earth.

The North abounds with national parks. Which is right for you? 

Cabin & houseboat rentals on the rustic frontier.

Here's why our round-the-clock daylight is weird and wonderful. 

Here's the story behind the stunning new landmark at Fort Simpson's 'Papal Flats....

Nááts’ihch'oh is a paradise of rivers, including the rocking, rolling upper Nahanni....

Mute the volume. Cover junior's ears. 'Cause that's one big !!#$%&!! ...

In Nahanni National Park, there’s no spot so celebrated as Virginia Falls.

Whatever your spiritual persuasion, you'll worship these unique landmarks.

Mountains. Canyons. And waterfalls so powerful you'll be weak in the knees.

At a posh Northern wilderness retreat, relaxation meets exhilaration.  

Among the world’s elite paddlers, the Slave River is the promised land. 

At the east tip of Great Slave Lake lies a village that is no more.

15 reasons to explore Canada's wildest neighbourhood.

Talking to the Mountie-turned-flightseeing pilot who soars the skies of the Nahanni. 

A road-trippers’ tour of three great territorial campgrounds.

Why September and October are the North's coolest season.

5 perfect paddling trips in the NWT's heartland.

Way up at the top of the map is a polar paradise, packed with muskox and the perfect Arctic...

In the shadow of the Nahanni Range, a Dene-owned lodge showcases stellar nature and culture....

At the world's wildest ice-carving contest, astounding creatures come to life.

Why Great Slave Lake is a sailor's paradise. 

Why Canada's wildest hike will take you deep inside your soul.

The lights are alive! Astounding footage of the Aurora, dancing in high-def. 

When the Northern lights dance, romance is in the air.

Great galleries & heritage centres, where frontier culture comes to life....

Welcome to the place where the bush plane is king.

Why the Northwest Territories is spectacular from above.

Wanna have a splash? Check out these roadside cascades. 

When the Northern Lights fire up, you're gonna lose your mind.

Experience angling that's bigger than life.

The biggest lake. The longest river. The wildest mountains. The toughest trail – and more...