Due to COVID-19 (Coronavirus), some of the events, tours and attractions listed on the website may be cancelled or closed until further notice. For more information, see travel advice from our territory's health department and Destination Canada.

Shop til you drop

shop 'til you drop

You know you want it.

A pair of beaded moosehide moccasins. An iconic Inuit stone-cut print. A big jug of Northern beer, flavoured with boreal ingredients. Books by our best-selling authors. Or even a signature Subarctic diamond, dug from the depths of the Barrenlands. 

Whether you're seeking souvenirs or Arctic survival gear, we've got the goods. Here's where to go on a shopping spree in the Northwest Territories: 

Great Bear Gift Shop

Where: Norman Wells

What: Gifts ranging from mukluks to paintings by legendary Sahtu artist Bern Will Brown

Who: Anyone seeking great Dene/Metis souvenirs

When: After you tour the adjoining history museum

Why: Because everyone should have a pair of Sahtu moosehide moccasins 

NWT Brewing Company

Where: Old Town Yellowknife

What: Kicksled Cream Ale, Bug Repellent IPA, Ragged Pine Pale – in growler-bottles to go

Who: You, your buds, and a big ol' jug of suds

When: When you’re thirsty for artisanal Northern beer 

Why: Because it’s the territory’s beloved brewpub

  Erasmus Apparel  

Where: Downtown Yellowknife

What: T-shirts, hoodies and even G-strings that pay homage to the North

Who: Yellowknifers and anyone else who loves  local designer Sarah Erasmus' iconic fashions

When: En route to Folk on the Rocks, where everyone wears their Erasmus Apparel

Why: So you look like you belong here

Acho Dene Native Crafts

Where: Fort Liard

What: Beaded moccasins, birchbark baskets and porucupine quillwork galore

Who: Anyone who loves the luscious aroma of tanned moosehide or the intricate beauty of Dene beading

When: Every time you drive the Liard Highway

Why: Because it’s the best Dene craftshop in the territory

Fort McPherson Tent & Canvas Shop

Where: Fort McPherson

What: Rugged canvas goods – from tote bags to tents

Who: Trappers, glam-campers, and people who like bookbags

When: When you’re driving the Dempster Highway

Why: Their stuff is Dene-made and indestructible

Northern Fancy Meats

Where: Suburban Yellowknife

What: Ground muskox, bison jerky, and other wild protein

Who: Carnivores

When: When you want to sink your teeth into Northern game

Why: Because locally harvested meat is the 100 Mile Diet

Weaver & Devore Trading Ltd.

Where: Old Town Yellowknife

What: Arctic clothing and gear for fishing, hunting and camping

Who: Gold-seekers, houseboaters, commercial fishermen, people with beards

When: Before a floatplane drops you off at a remote lake

Why: This is the North’s most historic store

  NWT Diamond Centre  

Where: Downtown Yellowknife

What: Diamonds from the Barrenlands – loose, or set in jewellery

Who: People with a couple thousand bucks to spare, or anyone dazzled by bling

When: Forever. Because diamonds are … you know.

Why: 'Cause if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it.

Ulukhaktok Arts Centre

Where: Ulukhaktok, way up on Victoria Island

What: Bright stone-cut prints, muskox-horn carvings, qiviut garments

Who: Inuit art connosieurs and collectors

When: When you visit for the Billy Joss golf tournament!

Why: Because Ulukhaktok is one of the Arctic’s creative hotspots

Rusty Raven Gallery

Where: Fort Smith

What: Northern books and knickknacks – and great lattes

Who: Readers and coffee lovers

When: Before you drive into Wood Buffalo National Park

Why: To buy works by famous local author Richard Van Camp

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