You know you want it.

A pair of beaded moosehide moccasins. An iconic Inuit stone-cut print. A big jug of Northern beer, flavoured with boreal ingredients. Books by our best-selling authors. Or even a signature Subarctic diamond, dug from the depths of the Barrenlands. 

Whether you're seeking souvenirs or Arctic survival gear, we've got the goods. Here's where to go on a shopping spree in the Northwest Territories: 

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Where: Norman Wells

What: Gifts ranging from mukluks to paintings by legendary Sahtu artist Bern Will Brown

Who: Anyone seeking great Dene/Metis souvenirs

When: After you tour the adjoining history museum

Why: Because everyone should have a pair of Sahtu moosehide moccasins 

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Where: Old Town Yellowknife

What: Kicksled Cream Ale, Bug Repellent IPA, Ragged Pine Pale – in growler-bottles to go

Who: You, your buds, and a big ol' jug of suds

When: When you’re thirsty for artisanal Northern beer 

Why: Because it’s the territory’s beloved brewpub

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Where: Downtown Yellowknife

What: T-shirts, hoodies and even G-strings that pay homage to the North

Who: Yellowknifers and anyone else who loves  local designer Sarah Erasmus' iconic fashions

When: En route to Folk on the Rocks, where everyone wears their Erasmus Apparel

Why: So you look like you belong here

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Where: Fort Liard

What: Beaded moccasins, birchbark baskets and porucupine quillwork galore

Who: Anyone who loves the luscious aroma of tanned moosehide or the intricate beauty of Dene beading

When: Every time you drive the Liard Highway

Why: Because it’s the best Dene craftshop in the territory

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Where: Fort McPherson

What: Rugged canvas goods – from tote bags to tents

Who: Trappers, glam-campers, and people who like bookbags

When: When you’re driving the Dempster Highway

Why: Their stuff is Dene-made and indestructible

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Where: Suburban Yellowknife

What: Ground muskox, bison jerky, and other wild protein

Who: Carnivores

When: When you want to sink your teeth into Northern game

Why: Because locally harvested meat is the 100 Mile Diet

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Where: Old Town Yellowknife

What: Arctic clothing and gear for fishing, hunting and camping

Who: Gold-seekers, houseboaters, commercial fishermen, people with beards

When: Before a floatplane drops you off at a remote lake

Why: This is the North’s most historic store

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Where: Downtown Yellowknife

What: Diamonds from the Barrenlands – loose, or set in jewellery

Who: People with a couple thousand bucks to spare, or anyone dazzled by bling

When: Forever. Because diamonds are … you know.

Why: 'Cause if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it.

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Where: Ulukhaktok, way up on Victoria Island

What: Bright stone-cut prints, muskox-horn carvings, qiviut garments

Who: Inuit art connosieurs and collectors

When: When you visit for the Billy Joss golf tournament!

Why: Because Ulukhaktok is one of the Arctic’s creative hotspots

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Where: Fort Smith

What: Northern books and knickknacks – and great lattes

Who: Readers and coffee lovers

When: Before you drive into Wood Buffalo National Park

Why: To buy works by famous local author Richard Van Camp

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