What to do in Colville Lake

our lady of snows church colville lake

What to do in Colville Lake

Colville Lake sits 80 km above the Arctic Circle and is one of the most traditional communities in the Northwest Territories. And with 159 inhabitants, it is also one of the smallest. A visit to Colville Lake presents an ideal opportunity to relax and connect with the land. Access to Colville Lake is by air, or winter road from Fort Good Hope. Here's what to do when you're staying in the Ptarmigan Net Place, or K’áhbamítúé as it's traditionally known. 

arctic grayling closeup fishing

Go fishing

As noted, Colville Lake is a place where the traditional lifestyle of the Hareskin Dene is alive and well. This means fishing, hunting and trapping. Cast a line in the community's namesake lake and reel in beautiful Arctic Grayling, gigantic Lake Trout, or wrestle with a monster Northern Pike. These fish thrive in the icy and pristine waters of Arctic lakes. Book a log cabin from Colville Lake Lodge to start your fishing adventure. 

stations of the cross painting in colville lake

Go to Church

One thing that stands out as soon as you set foot in Colville Lake are the distinctive log buildings. The community was founded in 1962 by Oblate priest, painter and author Bern Will Brown. He built Our Lady of Snows Catholic Mission at the same time, which drew the K’ahsho Got’ine (Hareskin Dene) hunters and trappers back from Fort Good Hope. Don't miss the log-built Our Lady of Snows Church with its Northern interpretation of the Stations of Cross.  

bern will brown painting

See the museum

Even in this quaint, Arctic community, you'll find a great little museum. Like Our Lady of Snows, the museum is a log-built structure and features unique local artifacts and the work of the community's founder, Bern Will Brown (1920-2014), as well as artifacts that help tell the story of a traditional Dene lifestyle. 

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