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Caribou People Creations

Caribou People Creations is a service started in 2019 provided by Lutsel K'e Dene First Nation to assist local arts and crafts persons market their products.  We have two large glass display cases filled with local crafts at the Band Office in Lutsel K'e where visitors can purchase items.  We also have an on-line store on our website with high quality photos of our products.

Lutsel K'e worked for many decades on protecting our land for our future generations and for the health of the Earth.  The result was the establishment of Thaidene Nene National Park Reserve and Thaidene Nene Territorial Park.  This encouraged the development of a local tourism economy including fostering arts and crafts and purchasing and renovating Frontier Lodge.  Lutsel K'e has a long tradition working in tourism having three of the major NWT fishing lodges in our region for over 60 years.  We also have a long history in arts and crafts production including items produced only in Lutsel K'e.

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