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Delta Ice Roads

This pretty (and pretty legendary) ice road in the Western Arctic connects Aklavik to Inuvik during the long winter months. Visitors can rent a vehicle and drive the winding 117-kilometre route across the Mackenzie Delta, taking in its stunning views of the Richardson Mountains. 

Locals make sure to maximize their daylight on this drive, since there isn’t very much of it this far north of the Arctic Circle in winter. Once April hits, however, the days ramp up and the ice road is buzzing with traffic as drivers head out for a weekend of races, events and activities at the annual Aklavik Jamboree.

Speed limits on the ice roads are enforced for your safety – dangerous holes can open quickly if speeding traffic creates waves under the ice – so make sure to obey all signage. The average opening for the Delta Ice Road is late December and it closes again in late April, but always check road conditions before planning your trip. 

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