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Bristol Freighter

Perched on a pillar near the Yellowknife airport, the blue Bristol Freighter greets visitors, reminding them of the region’s vital aviation history

The former Wardair freighter last flew in the 1960s and was owned by Max Ward, famed northern aviation pioneer. Bush planes such as this one fed the development of Yellowknife and other communities in the North, bringing in people and supplies and connecting the outside world before there were any roads. 

This particular plane is a Bristol Type 170 that was piloted by Bruce D. Allcorn. It was the first wheeled aircraft to land at the North Pole. After it was decommissioned in 1968, it was donated to the City of Yellowknife and is now one of approximately 10 Bristol aircraft that exist for display in the world. 

The plane itself is easily reached from the airport and the city centre. Around the freighter, you’ll find picnic tables, trails, and interpretive signage.