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Aurora over Yellowknife, NWT

City of Yellowknife

Aurora over back bay

City of Yellowknife

Yellowknife from Old Town Pilot's Monument

City of Yellowknife

City of Yellowknife

Yellowknife, population of almost 20,000, is the capital of the Northwest Territories. The most common Dene name for Yellowknife is Somba K'e which translates to "Where the money is," which makes sense for a town with a gold-mining history. Here you'll find excellent restaurants, comfy accommodations and a whole host of colourful locals that make up this vibrant and cosmopolitan place. Regardless of what time of year you visit, there's always something happening in Yellowknife from a weekend music festival in the sand, to month-long activities at a snow castle on the frozen bay.

One of the best things about Yellowknife is its location -- you're never more than a few minutes away from a new adventure.

What time of year should you visit? It's always a good time to visit Yellowknife; its famed Aurora is visible 240 nights of the year and when there's no Aurora, it means it's time to stay out all night under the midnight sun. Festivals range from a music fest that will have you dancing all night on a sandy lakeshore to square dancing at an event in a frozen snow castle. Does it get cold? Oh, you bet. But that doesn't stop Yellowknifers from having fun all winter long.

And it's friendly too. Make your way to any local establishment and you'll find locals eager to advise you of where to go to get the most out of your visit. You'll be so full of suggestions for great meals, gorgeous hikes, fabulous handmade arts and crafts and truly unique experiences, you'll be wondering how you can extend your stay in this vibrant and community-oriented city.

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