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Home Attraction Cameron Falls

Cameron Falls

Travel about 45 minutes east of Yellowknife and take a turn off the Ingraham Trail into Hidden Lake Territorial Park. A short (20-minute), scenic walk through the wilderness will lead you over the undulating outcrops to the stunning 17-metre-high Cameron Falls.

Here, the Cameron River takes a tumble en route to Great Slave Lake. A bridge straddles the river, allowing picnickers to access the placid bank on the far side and anglers to descend to the fish-filled pools at the base of the waterfall. Viewpoints allow travellers to admire the incredible waterfalls, or take a side trail to explore more of the area’s hidden wonders. A distance of nine kilometres upstream hikers can find the Cameron River Ramparts Waterfall.

There is a small parking lot with pit toilet facilities at the start of the hike towards Cameron Falls. The park also offers access for canoeists to the Lower Cameron River Canoe Route.