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Home Attraction The Ingraham Trail

The Ingraham Trail

Stretching 70 kilometres east of Yellowknife and threading together over a dozen gorgeous lakes, the scenic Ingraham Trail is one of the North’s most storied routes, and the beginning of your road to adventure. 

Sprinkled along this northern highway are picnic spots, hiking trails, campgrounds and boat launches galore, all winding through a Precambian landscape of colourful wildlife and world-class fishing. Don’t forget to look up, either. The Ingraham Trail is also a prime (and convenient!) Northern Lights viewing location during peak Aurora season.

Also known as Highway 4, the trail was built in the 1960s as both an industrial and recreational roadway. Each winter it branches off into an ice-road tributary leading to three different diamond mines northeast of Yellowknife. But in the summer it leads to cottage country. 

From its path travellers can easily explore the stunning beauty of Cameron Falls, the granite hills and woodlands of the Prelude Lake Nature Trail and Prelude Lake Panoramic Trail, the boreal forests and blue lakes of Ranney Hill-Martin Lake Trail, and the wild berries and rocky shores of Reid Lake Trail. The Ingraham is also your gateway to several incredible canoe trips around Hidden Lake, JenneJohn Lake North, Lower Cameron River and many more.