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Member Arctic Motorcycle Adventures

Our vision is to see the Beaufort-Delta Region of Canada's western arctic become the dream destination for motorcycle adventure enthusiasts from around the world. We will be the catalyst for your ride of a lifetime!  For those who embrace motorcycle riding as a hobby and a lifestyle, "adventure" symbolizes the essence of motorcycle riding: crossing new boundaries and reaching new limits. This is exactly why the opening of the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway has motivated such an excitement among adventure motorcycle riders all over the world.The Highway provides the missing link for adventure. Join us for a spectacular experience of the Northwest Territories.

Arctic Motorcycle Adventures


Beautiful evening riding the Dempster Highway.

Motorcycle Tours of the Dempster Highway

Guided motorcycle tours to the Arctic Ocean!

A truly authentic motorcycle experience. 

We have designed our packages to cater to the following:

  • Fly and rides are designed for clients with limited time.
  • Riders who are determined to "dip their feet" in the Arctic Ocean 
  • Riders who visit the north with the motivation of getting to know the people , their rich history and vibrant cultures .
  • Riders who come to experience the unique landscape,natural formations and geographic phenomena related to the north.
  • Ride the first all-season road to Canada's Arctic Coast

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