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Aylmer Lake Lodge woman in a boat holding a huge fish in Rocknest Bay in the Barrenlands of the Northwest Territories. Aylmer Lake Lodge man crouched down holding a fishing rod fishing in Rocknest Bay in the Northwest Territories. Aylmer Lake Lodge man holding a huge fish caught in Rocknest Bay in the Northwest Territories. Aylmer Lake Lodge red flora in the barrenlands in the Northwest Territories. Aylmer Lake Lodge man holding a big catch after fishing on a sunny day in Rocknest Bay Northwest Territories.
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Aylmer Lake Lodge is located in Rocknest Bay, which is on the Barren Lands of the NWT. Descriptors that have been used to encapsulate the wonder of Aylmer Lake; pristine, untouched, stark yet incredibly beautiful, teeming with life, incredible fishing, amazing vistas of landscape that must be seen to truly grasp the magnitude and beauty of the Barren Lands.

We are located 370km NE of Yellowknife. You arrive by floatplane and the trip is 1.5 hours each way. That in itself is an amazing journey - seeing the boreal forest and leaving the trees behind for 110 miles before you reach our lodge is a tremendous experience. The comments are, "so much water, unbelievable how much water". When people see the lodge on Rocknest Bay, they appreciate the incredible amount of infrastructure that allows comfort in the wilderness. We offer the only eco tourism, fishing, photography, and aurora borealis viewing on 1700 sq kms of water. Staff are available to meet your needs.

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Aylmer Lake Lodge


Fishing  Lake Trout at Aylmer Lake Lodge in the NWT.


While fishing here expect to catch Lake Trout over 30 lbs. You will absolutely catch fish in the 10- 30lb range, and each trip some lucky guests catch fish in the 40+ range. Expect to catch Arctic Grayling that are 20-22 inches on average. Why? We are an untouched, pristine location with no fishing pressure. We are the only lodge located on this lake and are so isolated that it has been left untouched.

Aurora blazing green by Aylmer Lake Lodge.


Aurora Borealis, viewing these spectacular natural light shows as you sit on your deck in the evening is an unparalleled experience. Why? No light pollution at all. We turn the generator off, it's dark and so quiet, you will never have experienced that level of sensory change. We are past the ring of fire so you must look south to see the northern lights. Now, think about that. You are not only seeing a world class spectacular show but you are having to face south to see them.

The stark contrasts of field flowers at Aylmer Lake Lodge.

Nature and Wildlife

Photography here has been described as the best natural lighting ever experienced. The stark contrasts, the vibrant colours, the unusual rock formations, the endless water, the huge and abundant fish, the wildlife as you travel through the lake by boat, and the hikes on the Tundra create a wealth of opportunity and in the evening the aurora borealis is visible from mid August on.



A barrenground caribou walking among the barrenlands near Aylmer Lake Lodge.

Go back in time and follow the historic trail of Ernest Thompson Seton.  It’s an amazing journey you’ll remember forever. Ernest Thompson Seton and Edward Preble made a canoe trip from Athabasca Landing to Aylmer Lake in 1907, and Seton published a popular account of the trip, The Arctic…

A man with a toque holding a huge lake trout at Aylmer lake lodge in the Northwest Territories.

If you are seeking premium Canadian Lake Trout fishing Aylmer Lake Lodge has the ideal conditions. Located on the barrenlands in the Northwest Territories of Canada, with over 1700 sq km of water, Aylmer Lake provides the structure and forage…

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