Aylmer Lake Lodge is located in Rocknest Bay on Aylmer Lake, NWT. A beautiful arctic barrenlands setting about 150 Km north of the treeline and 370 Km NE of the nearest community of Yellowknife . Accsessible by float plane, we are the only fishing and eco-tourism lodge on 1,700 sq KM of pristine, clear water - no road or boat launches, only lodge boats on the water.

Aylmer Lake has never been commercially netted or aboriginaly netted: virgin fishery teaming with millions of Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling. You can catch 40 plus lake per boat per day with many over 30 lbs. A 62 lb is our largest landed lake trout to date. That is the fishing. Make sure you have your camera with you from float dock to float dock as the arctic landscape is a photographer's dream.

Your stay includes professional guides for fishing plus a support staff to see that your needs are met during you stay with us. Access the lodge from Yellowknife by floatplane. Open for July and August.

Come in mid to late August and sleep under the Northern Lights. Aylmer Lake Lodge enjoys spectacular displays of Aurora borealis. We have zero light polution, and this allows you to see all the ribbons of glowing colours swirl across the northern sky. Fish and hike the barrenlands by day and at night watch the Northern Lights dance across the sky from the deck of your cabin. 

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