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Home Package Trophy Lake Trout Fishing

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Trophy Lake Trout Fishing

OFFER DATE: July - September 2024

Thank you for your inquiry to us about a fishing trip with us at Canadian Wildlife Adventurers located on Aylmer Lake, Northwest Territories Canada!

Guest capacity is maximum 10 guests per trips

  • 5 Day Trip Price $7,300 CDN + GST/Per Person or $5,500 USD + GST/Per Person
  • 10 day Trip Price $13,200 CDN + GST/Per Person or $9,900 USD + GST/Per Person


Welcome to Canadian Wildlife Adventures located on the 64Th latitude on Aylmer Lake in the middle of the barren-lands of the Northwest Territories. The waters you are fishing are crystal clear so you will be able to see a long way down in the water.  There is zero fishing pressure because our lakes are extremely remote. Expect to catch 15 – 30 pound fish with very excellent opportunities to catch 40lb + lake trout. While you are travelling on the water opportunities may provide sightings of the animals of the tundra that are unique and majestic.

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Our Territory

Our area is located in the northern barren-lands region of the Northwest Territories, Canada. We are located past the boreal forest into the barren-lands, that are renown for their giant lakes and river drainages that make for tremendous fishing.  You will be remote, which puts you in the heart of well stocked lakes teeming with Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling. You may catch a glimpse of majestic animals that live and roam the barren-lands.

What to Expect

We will have two people per boat. You can expect to catch 15+ fish per day avg. size 15-30lb, Expect to have opportunities to catch very large Lake Trout 30lb +. We have 7 sub species of lake trout and they all look different, different body colouration, head size and shape, and different fin colourations. These fish are feisty on the line, they roll like crazy in the net, and expect to see lake trout chasing your lake trout on the line. No down riggers needed, the fish are sallow. The water temperature is about 52F and the thermal climate does not have these lakes flipping half way through the summer.  Our open water fishing produces lots of consistent fish sizes of 15-30 pounds on average with opportunity for fish in the 30lb+ range. Fly fishing is excellent with dry flies and streamers. Remember the water is in the Arctic so it never warms up like southern waters so the fish stay shallow all summer long.

Getting Here

Your starting destination for your trip is the city of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. There are daily flights into Yellowknife from Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Ottawa. We recommend that you fly into Yellowknife the day before, there is much to see in Yellowknife. The next day you will be boarding a charter flight that will fly you into the lodge to begin your trip. Once you arrive at the float plane base for your charter plane your trip begins. Your flight is approximately two hours and you need to dress in layers for the charter flight, it can be chilly on the plane.

Fishing Schedule

All of our fishing trips are 5 full day trips and 10 full day trips.

Change over day:

  • Full day of fishing for departing guests.
  • No fishing for arriving guests.

Breakfast will be served at 8:00am – 8:30am you will be leaving the boat dock  by 9:00am returning to the lodge at 6:00pm. You will have your lunch provided for you for your day on the water.  Supper will be served at 7:00pm.

After supper you can fish from the shore, you have the opportunity to catch lake trout and arctic grayling along the shore. You can sit and socialize in the lodge, we have a book library, and we have games to enjoy. Beginning from mid August it is dark at night, opportunities to see Aurora Borealis displays light up the sky.

5 Full Day Fishing Trips

Change over day/fly in and out day

  • Full day of fishing for departing guests.
  • Fishing from shore for arriving guests.

2024 Fishing Dates:

  • July 3 – July 8
  • July 8 – July 13
  • July 13 – July 18
  • July 18 – July 23
  • July 23 – July 28
  • July 28 – Aug 2
  • Aug 2 – Aug 7
  • Aug 7 – Aug 12
  • Aug 12 – Aug 17
  • Aug 17 – Aug 22
  • Aug 22 – Aug 27
  • Aug 27 – Sept 2