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Aylmer Lake Lodge is an exceptional fishing lodge, from gourmet dining to the finest fishing gear, Your stay includes professional guides for freshwater fishing plus a support staff to see that your needs are met during you stay with us. Access the lodge from Yellowknife by floatplane. Open for July and August. The Tundra wildlife is exquisite and a new exciting unforseen encounter is behind every corner. Wildlife may include wolves, grizzly bears, muskox, caribou, and a variety of birds.  

World Class Lake Trout Angling

Aylmer Lake Lodge is located in Rocknest Bay on Aylmer Lake, NWT. A beautiful arctic barrenlands setting about 150 Km north of the treeline and 370 Km NE of the nearest community of Yellowknife . Accsessible by float plane, we are the only fishing and eco-tourism lodge on 1,700 sq KM of pristine, clear water - no road or boat launches, only lodge boats on the water. Aylmer Lake has never been commercially netted or aboriginaly netted: virgin fishery teaming with millions of Lake Trout and Arctic Grayling. You can catch 40 plus lake per boat per day with many over 30 lbs. A 58lb caught right in front of the lodge is our largest landed lake trout to date. That is the fishing. Make sure you have your camera with you from float dock to float dock as the arctic landscape is a photographer's dream.  Your stay includes professional guides for fishing plus a support staff to see that your needs are met during you stay with us. Access the lodge from Yellowknife by floatplane. Open for July and August.




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Wilderness Lodge

As much as we would like to talk about the highlights of arctic wildlife here at Aylmer Lake Lodge, the truth is that it would be extremely difficult to pick any out, such as the astonishing breadth and depth of animal and plant life in this most spectacular and remote part of the world called the Barrenlands of the Northwest Territories.

What we can do, however, is give a bit of an insight into the kinds of species that you may encounter when you visit with us at Aylmer Lake Lodge.

From herbivores like the Arctic hare, lemming, barrenland caribou and mainland muskox, through to predators such as the mighty barrenland Arctic grizzly bear, Arctic fox, wolf and a breadth of other land animals, there are so many species here to stimulate the first-time visitor as well as the most seasoned Arctic veterans.

All manner of Arctic birds

Where could we start with any discussion of the birds that make the Arctic their habitat? Any complete list would also be a seriously long one, although if there is a particular species that you would like to see, we can advise you on the best season and location.

Nonetheless, those embarking on your barrenland Arctic expedition may just see any bird from the peregrine falcon, ivory gull, geese, and common loon.

Don’t be reduced to experiencing barrenland Arctic wildlife through your computer screen – book a trip with us that will give you the perhaps once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see all of these animals in astonishing flesh and blood.

The fall period starts in mid August on the pristine barrenland tundra. Canada’s North briefly offers one of the most spectacular & magical displays of wildlife, colours, clarity and light to be seen anywhere on the planet. On clear nights the northern lights dance and weave intricate and colorful patterns across the Arctic skies! The clarity of the atmosphere here offers a rare glimpse of raw wilderness afforded only to a lucky few. Join us from mid August  to early September for an incredible journey to the barrenlands of Aylmer Lake.



Aurora Lodge

Come in mid to late August and sleep under the Northern Lights. Aylmer Lake Lodge enjoys spectacular displays of Aurora borealis. We have zero light polution, and this allows you to see all the ribbons of glowing colours swirl across the northern sky. Fish and hike the barrenlands by day and at night watch the Northern Lights dance across the sky from the deck of your cabin. You will begin your day with a nourishing breakfast and set out with your expert guide for a day of fantastic fishing. At day’s end dine in our main lodge among the camaraderie of friends and retire to the gazebo or your cabin to unwind and enjoy the spectacular scenery. The landscape is incredible; this is the land where the sun never sets and the beauty of the tundra captivates all who travel the distance to experience it. You can relax with a great northern book from our library, have a beverage in the lounge or gazebo and just enjoy yourself.