Live a day in the life of an Eskimo! Specializing in polar bear and muskox hunts for up to four people from traditional camp near Tuktoyaktuk. Also providing scenic Pingo tours, beluga whale watching, bird watching and more! Call for booking and more information.

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Experience Inuvialuit life along the shore of the Beaufort Sea. Day trips, overnight, or longer. In summer we offer boat or ATV tours of Tuk and along the coast to our family camp for fish-frying, berry-picking and more.



Big game hunting along the Beaufort Sea for polar bear December - May and muskox March - April.



In winter join us for dogteam tours - ride with us or drive your own team. View the Aurora from a dogsled or snowmobiles, and camp in an igloo or cabin. We also offer pingo viewing.


Guided excursions to view the Snow Goose migration mid-August to mid-September.