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Aerial view of Tuktoyaktuk by Polar Pack Adventures. Three boats at dock in Inuvik for Polar Pack Arctic Adventures boat trip. View of Sandy Hills on the Mackenzie River on Polar Pack Arctic Adventures boat tour. Aerial view of Tuktoyaktuk by Polar Pack Adventures. Two guests with Polar Pack Arctic Adventures by pingo in Tuktoyaktuk.
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Member Polar Pack Arctic Adventures

We are an Inuvialuit owned and operated family business, run by locals Enoch and Amanda Pokiak, based in Inuvik in the Western Arctic region. We offer boat tours on the Mackenzie River to the community of Tuktoyaktuk by the Arctic Ocean.

Other adventures we offer are boating tours of the pingos, the Canadian National Landmark, and day fishing tours, which are catch and release. 

If boating is not your style, join us in our truck for a driving tour on the Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway. The only road in Canada that leads to the Arctic Ocean! 

Please contact us for more information. 

Polar Pack Arctic Adventures


Caribou in distance along highway on road tour with Polar Pack Arctic Adventures in the NWT.

Road Tour on Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway

Join us on a drive of a lifetime on the Inuvik-Tuk Highway, first opened in November 2017 which leads to the Arctic Ocean. Take in the vast northern landscape on your drive with wildlife viewing opportunities along the way. You can view our road tour package or contact us for more information. 

Polar Pack Arctic Adventures boat for boat tour in Inuvik.

Boat Tours

We offer two incredible boat tours. We have the boat tour to the Arctic Ocean and the Pingos, which are a Canadian landmark, and a boat tour to Sandy Hills, which is about halfway to Tuk, offering a landscape of hills and a cliff perfect for hiking and a picnic. Please view our packages or contact us for more information. 

Enoch Pokiak sitting in his boat for a fishing and boat trip with Polar Pack Arctic Adventures.


Cast your line in the Mackenzie River in our boat tour to Sandy Hills. Half-way between Inuvik and Tuktoyaktuk, experience the breathtaking view of the hills while trying to reel a big one in! 

Swan along Inuuvik-Tuk Highway on a Polar Pack Arctic Adventures road tour in the NWT.

Wildlife Viewing

Take in the beautiful northern landscape and wildlife on our Inuvik-Tuktoyaktuk Highway Road Tour package, where you will have the opportunity to see caribou, bears, moose, and wolverines on your drive north to the Arctic Ocean. 



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Take a ride down to Tuktoyaktuk Ocean and see the Pingos. Dip your toes in the Arctic Ocean.

Take a drive from Invuik to Tuktoyaktuk viewing the new highway. Lookout for some animal sites seeing, tour at Tuktoyaktuk and Ski-doo to see the pingos. You might even have a chance to dip your…

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Drive from Invuik down the Mackenzie River. Head onto the stunning ice roads for some sightseeing.

Leave Invuik at 9am and return at 4pm.


Winter Aurora Lights from the highway from Invuik to Tuktoyaktuk Highway operated by Polar Pack Arctic Adventures

Drive down the Invuik - Tuktoyaktuk Highway to chase those Northern Lights!

Or drive down on the ice road from November 22nd to April 23rd. 

Departs Invuik duration at 7pm and arrive back at 12am.

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