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Home Package Arctic Photography Workshop


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Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge


Margaret or Amanda Peterson


(867) 920-4654


Arctic Photography Workshop

OFFER DATE: August 28th - Sept 2nd, Sept 2nd - 7th, & Sept 7th - 12th 2024

Join us on an extraordinary adventure into the barrenlands. Situated close to the Arctic Circle this remarkable destination is a naturalist and photographers paradise. The diversity of the wildlife, birds, plants and undulating landscape make for terrific photo opportunities. Highlights can include seeing caribou, grizzly bears, wolves, moose and possibly the elusive wolverine.  Peregrine falcons, tundra swans, geese, loons, ducks, sparrows, gulls and warblers are just some of the birds that either come to have their young or migrate though the area.

This photo workshop is specifically timed to capture these moments as well as the rich autumn colours that blanket the landscape in varying shades of reds, golds and yellows.

Embark on daily boating and hiking excursions to pursue photographic opportunities where you can explore incredible vistas and vantage points to look for wildlife. Hike unique geological features known as sand eskers, and hill tops where you can look as far as you can see.

Spend your evenings awe inspired as the dark night sky is lit up with thousands of stars as a backdrop to the aurora.

Space is limited.

Canadian residents pricing is available, please inquire. Contact Margaret or Amanda Peterson today for details. Or visit our website.