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Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge


Margaret or Amanda Peterson


(867) 920-4654


Aurora Experience

OFFER DATE: September 7th - 10th 2024

Approximately every 10 years the northern lights are stronger than any other time and that time is now. Book a special trip this autumn miles away from city lights and crowds of people, right under the auroral oval.

Our remote fly-in lodge provides the ideal location to see the northern lights with viewing opportunities right outside your cabin. Witness the magic of the aurora borealis as they swirl and dance across the sky with starlit night skies as the backdrop.

Our lakeside lodge location also offers the opportunity to capture aurora reflections. Join professional photographer and author Bill Braden at Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge for three spectacular nights of aurora viewing and guided photography instruction.

Enjoy modern lodging that offers surprising luxury at the edge of the Arctic Circle and award-winning hospitality.

Limited space available. Learn more about this package by visiting our website.

Please note we offer special pricing for Canadian residents, so please let us know if this applies to you.

If you’re interested in a unique adventure (travel off the beaten path), the aurora, wildlife, nature and having a terrific time this trip is for you. And, because you’re interest in this package you might want to check out our Arctic Photography Workshop as well.