aerial view of golf course in nwt

Believe it or not, Northerners are golf-crazy. Several of our towns feature manicured courses, complete with lush greens – even clubhouses. We also have courses that are, well, in the rough. So if you want to hit the links beneath the midnight sun, and you don’t mind ravens trying to steal your ball, this is the wildest place you’ll ever tee off.

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Hay river golf course

This manicured nine-hole course follows the curvaceous contours of Hay River’s namesake river. Grassy and aspen-shrouded, it’s a duffer’s delight. There’s also a driving range and a beautiful log clubhouse with a deck overlooking the water – a great place to spend the afternoon even if golf isn’t your game.

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Fort smith golf course

On the outskirts of Fort Smith, the nine-hole Pelican Rapids Golf Club features artificial green, forgiving grassy fairways, water hazards, club- and cart-rentals – and a clubhouse with a deck above the river.

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Yellowknife golf club

Eighteen holes. Sand fairways. Grassy putting greens. Jackpines, bedrock and ravens. It’s safe to say you’ll never play golf anywhere like the Yellowknife Golf Club – especially if you come for the Midnight Sun Golf Tournament, which tees off on the summer solstice every year.

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ulukhaktok is the northernmost golf course

With artificial greens atop the tundra, Ulukhaktok is the coolest place you’ll play golf. The town’s nine-hole course if the world’s northernmost, and the annual Billy Joss Open draws visiting celebrity golfers. Word to the wise: Let the muskoxen play through. 

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fort simpson golf course

Within easy walking distance of downtown Fort Simpson, the Seven Spruce Golf Course in features rolling, grassy fairways and a laid-back vibe. Rent clubs and tackle the sun-soaked nine-hole course or put up your feet in the clubhouse for a relaxing afternoon.

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norman wells golf course

Located next Norman Wells' Heritage Hotel near the banks of the Mackenzie River, the grassy, evergreen-lined Ptarmigan Ridge course offers the only golfing in the Sahtu region, with four holes – soon to be expanded to six.

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inuvik golf course

Built in 2009, Inuvik's Road’s End Golf Club boasts a grassy, 250-yard driving range and a three-hole course. Keep an eye out for ravens as you swing – the course once had to close when the sneaky birds made off with all the golf balls. 

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