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Arctic Circle Drum

Stop off and see the territory’s newest roadside attraction at the geographical edge of the Arctic Circle. Just 37 kilometres outside of Fort Good Hope, on the winter ice road to Colville Lake, towers what’s possibly the world’s largest drum. Measuring 19 feet high and 19 feet across, the giant drum is a signpost for travellers; located at the only place in the Northwest Territories where the Arctic Circle can be reached via road. 

Drumming is sacred to the Dene and done in honour of those who’ve passed and in celebration at momentous occasions. This new monument, completed in 2021, is crafted from durable steel and coated with a rusty patina to stand the test of time. On the drumstick is printed ‘K’asho Got’ine Néné,’ which is both the name of the local Dene and their name for this area.