The Beating Heart of the North

Here in the trackless core of the territory, the frantic outside world is held at bay. This is the home of a grand inland sea, Great Bear – nearly 500 metres deep, slithering with colossal trout, cliff-flanked, and salted with alluring place-names: Conjuror Bay, Grizzly Bear Mountain, the Scented Grass Hills.

Here, too, is the North's king of rivers, the mammoth Mackenzie, six kilometres wide, pressing northward with its watery burden of driftwood, fish, barges and canoeists, and joined along the way by wild tributaries like the Redstone, the Keele and the Mountain.

In the west of the Sahtu, you'll find a jagged world: the Mackenzie Mountains, pierced by only one path, the famous Canol Heritage Trail, and bustling with mountain sheep, caribou, moose and other game.

And finally, here you'll find five vibrant villages, thriving on the cusp of the Arctic Circle – no roads in or out, their hearty residents insulated from the woes and worries of the outside world.

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