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What to do in Fort Providence

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What to do in Fort Providence

Fort Providence is a key stop on any NWT road trip. You'll find it on the banks of the Mackenzie River, about equidistant from Yellowknife and Hay River. It’s a great place to fuel up, and take a day or two to get to know Zhahti Kųę or "Mission House Place," as Fort Prov was traditionally known. 

mackenzie bison on highway near fort prov nwt

Visit the Bison

If you're travelling on the road between Fort Providence and Yellowknife, you're almost guaranteed to see bison, often grazing along the side of the highway, sometimes hanging out by the side of the road, and almost always crossing the highway. Be alert for bison on the road when driving. When you’re in Fort Providence, you’re in the Mackenzie Bison Sanctuary, a wildlife reserve protecting Canada's Wood Bison and covering 10,000 square kilometres of boreal forest. If you happen to be in town when the herd is wandering through, you are in for a real treat: an up-close and personal look at North America’s most majestic land mammal.

rv camping in fort providence on banks of mackenzie river

Set up Camp

You’ll definitely want to camp out at Fort Providence Territorial Park. The campground is on the north bank of the Mackenzie River, and campsites come with incredible views of the Deh Cho or "Big River." This park features 21 powered campsites and a whole host of amenities, making for a very comfortable stay. Pick up some firewood from the park office, find a few marshmallow sticks and make yourself at home. Even better: catch your dinner! The Mackenzie River is teeming with fish, so be prepared to fish from the riverbank and enjoy your catch.

dene beadwork

Stop at the Snowshoe Inn

The Snowshoe Inn, on the banks of the Mackenzie is more than a comfy 35-room motel. This family-owned business features an on-site cafe and lounge and a fantastic gift shop: the Snowshoe Inn Arts and Crafts store. This is the place to pick up some locally made arts and crafts ranging from caribou antler earrings, moose hair tufting wall hangings, delicate Dene beadwork and don't forget about the moccasins. 

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