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Aurora Day Trips

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Aurora Day Trips Bring You to the Best Places to See the Northern Lights Each Night.

The Northern Lights are out for up to 240 nights of the year in the Northwest Territories, meaning you have the opportunity to see the world’s best Aurora nearly every night during your adventure in the North. As frequent as they are, the Northern Lights can still be elusive. On an Aurora day trip, seasoned Aurora hunters know exactly where the best place to watch the Northern Lights will be every night. They’ll happily take you out across the spectacular landscapes of the NWT any day of the week to get a view of the Aurora’s full splendour. With centuries of experience, trust an Aurora tour operator to know how to find the best Northern Lights.

The Northern Lights come out frequently in the NWT, and locals are often delighted to catch the Aurora dancing above them when they least expect it. Aurora tour operators always know when the Aurora will be out and where the best places to see the Northern Lights are. In the North, Aurora hunting is a big deal – when the signs are right and the Aurora is ready, it’s all hands on deck to get out under the night sky and see the powerful display unfold above.

Booking an Aurora day trip takes care of the hassle of knowing the best time to see the Northern Lights and where to go. They provide centuries of experience chasing the Aurora and will take you right to their spacious and warm wall tents while you wait for the Northern Lights to finally appear. During the winter Aurora season, operators also offer the warmest winter weather gear so you can stand beneath the mesmerizing display in total comfort while watching the Northern Lights. Top off your night with a hot drink and some freshly baked bannock for the perfect night.

Many Aurora tours are owned and operated by Indigenous people. The cultural significance, legends, and meaning of the Aurora is just as unique and timeless as a stunning Aurora display itself. While you’re waiting for the Northern Lights to appear, hearing these legends of the Aurora and their significance to Indigenous cultures around the territory makes seeing the Northern Lights in the NWT an even more meaningful experience than anywhere else.

An Aurora day trip ensures that you are getting the best experience possible under the Northern Lights during your visit to the NWT. Such a spectacular performance deserves an equally spectacular experience on the ground. Trust the hospitality of an Aurora tour operator to provide you with an unforgettable experience under the world’s best Northern Lights.