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Aurora Lodges

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From Remote to Luxurious, Watch the Best Northern Lights from an Aurora Lodge.

Seeing the Northern Lights dance above the skies of an Aurora lodge is an unforgettable experience. Whether you prefer rustic privacy or an all-inclusive experience, a stay at an Aurora lodge is the best way to watch the Northern Lights while enjoying the comforts and hospitality of the Northwest Territories. Many Aurora lodges operate for the fall Aurora and winter Aurora seasons and provide opportunities for hiking, fishing, snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing, and more. At an Aurora lodge, you’ll enjoy all sorts of adventure during the day before watching the Northern Lights stream across the sky at night.

There are two seasons in the NWT where you can see the Northern Lights – during the fall from early August to late September and in the winter from late -November or early December (depending on the access), to early April. Many Aurora lodges operate through both seasons as accommodations for your visit, providing access to seasonal activities and things to do during the day before watching the Northern Lights.

Just like our Northern Lights, our Aurora Lodges provide an experience unlike anywhere else in the world. In the NWT, lodges and cabins are a great way to experience the stunning natural landscapes of the North, while still having a comfortable place to spend the quieter moments in relaxation. For some, this means a weekend getaway to a private lodge. In every region of the territory, you can find homesteads and cabins that are accessible by road or by flying in on a chartered floatplane. From there, you’ll have a pristine and private experience on the land to enjoy hikes, canoeing or kayaking, wildlife viewing, and immersing yourself in the landscapes of the North during the day before the Aurora arrives. These lodges can range from authentic and rustic to luxurious and modern. Every Northern host knows the value of a comfortable place to rest your head, so no matter your preference, you’ll find spectacular hospitality.

If you’re looking for more luxurious accommodations out in the remote regions of the territory, there are several world-class Aurora lodges that bring an all-inclusive experience to your time gazing up at the world’s best Aurora. These lodges are the resorts of the North, with on-staff chefs, housekeeping, tour guides, and the resources to make for an unforgettable Northern Lights experience. During the day, enjoy a variety of outdoor adventures and excursions, or learn Aurora photography skills to prepare yourself with tips on how to take the best pictures of the Northern Lights. These Aurora lodges are accessible by floatplane, and your accommodations will have an equally amazing view of the lakes and land of the North as they will of the Aurora themselves.

Aurora lodges in the NWT make for an unforgettable experience watching the Northern Lights. For families, groups travelling together, or a private retreat shared with a partner, booking a stay at an Aurora lodge means experiencing the NWT’s spectacular Northern Lights in privacy and comfort. You’ll be completely immersed in the inspiring landscapes of the North for an unforgettable night under the most active and vibrant Northern Lights in the world. It’s no wonder why so many people find themselves coming back to these Aurora lodges every year.