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fall aurora camping with rv

Fall Aurora

Fall Aurora

When the lights come back with night

The Northwest Territories enjoys two real Aurora seasons: fall and winter. When the midnight sun retires for the year and the dark night skies return, so do the epic Northern Lights shows. The best part of the fall Aurora season is that you can combine it with your favourite summer and fall activities: camping, paddling, roadtripping, all without the need of a -30° C certified parka.

By early August, darkness has crept back to the Northern frontier. By late August, Fort Smith, at the Alberta border, enjoys four hours of pitch-blackness each night and plenty of twilight on either side. Yellowknife is inky for at least two hours, with lots of additional dusk and dawn. By late September, of course, the dark is back in force, creating prime Aurora-viewing conditions for 12 hours per night or more

Imagine taking a boat tour beneath the Lights as the colours dance on the water. Or imagine fishing, hiking or camping as the Lights wriggle overhead. And of course, imagine basking in a sleeping bag atop a stately outcrop, or kicking back around a crackling campfire, and enjoying summer's balmy warmth as the heavens put on a show.

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