hunting in the mackenzie mountains



Legendary hunts in a bountiful land

The Northwest Territories are a sport-hunter's Shangri La, served by a network of seasoned outfitters and blessed with robust, sustainable populations of some of the most prized trophy species on Earth.

A range of hunting experiences are available. In the Mackenzie mountains, Dall's sheep, alpine caribou and huge moose wander the highlands. In the Arctic, polar bears and muskoxen beckon. And in the boreal forests and Barrenlands, hunters pursue bison, grizzlies, black bears, wolves, wolverine and more.

grizzly bear off the dempster highway

Stalk grizzly bears and other wild game on the tundra

dall's sheep in mackenzie mountains

Travel back in time with a hunt by horseback


In the land of the polar bear and muskox

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