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Indigenous Experiences

Indigenous Experiences

Authentic. Immersive. Indigenous

The Northwest Territories has been the homeland of Indigenous people for time immemorial. Here, ways of life and cultures are as old as the land itself.

Indigenous experiences are the enduring heart of the Northwest Territories' timeless land and they make it as unique as the people who call it home. In all 33 communities across the territory, traditional ways of life and knowledge endure. The opportunity is here to experience something meaningful and memorable.

Take the time to listen to the legends and stories of the Aurora and then bask in the spectacular glow of our Northern Lights. Take an Indigenous tour out on the land in any season and hunt, fish, paddle, and learn how culture is preserved. Understand the relationship with the land and experience Northern nourishment from around the fire or at a community feast. You'll never experience something as powerful as an authentic Indigenous tourism experience.

Centuries of Culture

From the Arctic Ocean to the 60th Parallel, vibrant cultures thrive

Indigenous Peoples Day is a holiday in the NWT. It provides an opportunity to learn about the different cultures in the NWT that are as diverse as the land itself. In every community, you'll interact with a rich tapestry of peoples, practices, celebrations, songs, dances, stories, art, and knowledge. Every experience is different, but the lasting sense of connection is the same.

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