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Find out more about the current wildfire and wildfire-related concerns in the NWT.

Experience the Northwest Territories with Indigenous-owned and operated businesses

The Northwest Territories is a place of enduring landscapes and timeless beauty. Across the territory, the variety of spectacular experiences is only matched by the vibrant and unique cultures of the Indigenous people who have called it home since time immemorial.

These operators are all Indigenous and run businesses that are members of the Indigenous Tourism Association of Canada. Visiting the Northwest Territories will always be memorable, but an authentic experience with an Indigenous operator will elevate your time here like nothing else.

See thriving traditional communities, listen to legends on an Indigenous Northern Lights tour, and discover the sheer variety of masterful traditional artwork from Indigenous artists around the territory. Get a taste of how different traditional ways of life can be all the way to the Arctic Ocean. Indigenous-operated tours and packages show you a deeper connection to this spectacular land.

The histories, stories, and cultures of Indigenous people across the North are what make the NWT such an awe-inspiring, humbling, adventurous, and unique place to see. Learn the traditional way to fry up a shore lunch during your stay at an all-inclusive fishing lodge or simply enjoy a quiet and personal community tour from a knowledgeable local. Indigenous operators provide opportunities to experience a living connection to the land and learn about the Indigenous cultures of the NWT.

From authentic cultural demonstrations to hands-on experience with masterful Indigenous artists, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to see the Northwest Territories from the perspective of those who know it best.