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The NWT is open to leisure travel. See information on COVID-19 travel guidelines



Heed the call of the wild

Ditch your white-noise machine and let the sound of a cascading waterfall soothe you to sleep. Instead of a morning shower, take an invigorating dip in a pristine river. Trade your lame bag lunch for a fresh shore lunch you just muscled out of the lake.

When you hear the call of the wild, answer with a resounding yes. Pack your sleeping bag, tent and camping gear and come explore the wonder that is Northwest Territories.

The Northwest Territories has more than a dozen territorial campgrounds and even more territorial parks spread out across a land of endless tundra, dramatic peaks, thundering waterfalls, raging rivers, and lakes as large as seas. Roll into a campground, plug in your RV and start a fire. Or throw on your backpack, hike into the backcountry and howl at the midnight sun. Either way, the Northwest Territories is the one place you'll want to camp yourself this summer.

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