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Find out more about the current wildfire and wildfire-related concerns in the NWT.

Nature Photography

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Memories to look back on for a lifetime

It’s no wonder more lodges and photographers are offering specialized photography tours in the Northwest Territories. The awe-inspiring landscapes, majestic creatures, brilliant flora, and of course the incredible Aurora, there’s no shortage of subjects for shutterbugs.

Since 2009, a photography program has been offered at lodges, giving both professional and amateur photographers the chance to capture the True North in a big way.

Whether using a point-and-shoot or a DSLR, photographers can get close-ups of migratory wildlife, grizzly bears, Arctic foxes, and birds ranging from tundra swans and ptarmigan to peregrine falcons.

You never know what you’ll get.

And while the wildlife is a sight to be seen, the Barrenlands takes on a life of its own as fall colours sweep the rugged landscape.