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Find out more about the current wildfire and wildfire-related concerns in the NWT.

On the Land

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Take a tour with those who know

Welcome to Denendeh, the land of the Dene. The people of the Dene First Nations have been here for millennia, harvesting the bounty of the woods and waters, travelling the North’s rivers and trails, and thriving for innumerable generations.

Yet the heart of Denendeh remains the small communities, where most residents are Dene, Dene languages thrive, and age-old lifeways hold sway. Some of these places – like Kakisa, Colville Lake and Nahanni Butte – comprise just a handful of families, often living in cozy log cabins and deriving their livelihood from the land: hunting, fishing, trapping and gathering. Other Dene towns straddle the new and old, such as Behchokǫ̀, the headquarters of the Tłįchǫ Government. In all of these communities you will find yourself welcome.

Fishing, trapping and hunting remain revered practices in Denendeh. Paddle the big rivers and you’ll meet dozens of families at their fish-camps. Trek the valleys of the Mackenzie Mountains and you’ll meet moose-hunters on the trail of game. Even better, sign up to join in – the Dene know this land like the back of their hand. Licenced outfitters can guide you to the finest fishing holes and hunting spots, teaching you about traditional harvesting along the way.