The 5 best things about Folk on the Rocks

The 5 best things about Folk on the Rocks

Don’t be fooled: the North’s premier music fest, Folk on the Rocks, ain't just about folk. At this weekend-long whoop-up on a lakeshore near Yellowknife you’ll groove to punk rock, reggae – heck, maybe even polka – under the delirious midnight sun. Here's why it rocks: 

The music

Who's on stage for 2017? A slew of down-south sensations, including banjo-pickers The Dead South, hip-hop hero Shad, soothing soul singer Tanika Charles, and psych-rockers Elephant Stone. Plus, of course, northern legends, including Digawolf, Veronica Johnny, Bushman NT and Scary Bear Soundtrack. Folk on the Rocks has them all, sending sweet sounds across the ecstatic, sun-drenched crowd.

The dancing

There’s something about the sun and the sand that sets Folk on the Rocks fans to boogying. You can join hundreds of other barefoot festivalgoers who throng in front of the stage, shaking their behinds to the beat of their favourite band.

The food

Folk on the Rocks is a feast of culinary delights, from spicy butter chicken to locally sourced bison burgers. And of course, when the unsetting sun gets too darn hot, there’s heaps of sweet, cool ice cream.

The merchandise

The festival grounds are a great place to pick up Northern souvenirs, from handmade Dene jewellery to t-shirts sporting the logo of your favourite band.

The beer garden

Sometimes rowdy, sometimes chill, always fun. That’s the Folk on the Rocks beer garden, where loud, proud acts play to young folks eager to party. Crack a beer and join the madding crowd. 

For more on Folk on the Rocks, check out Yellowknife events.

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