Team Building

Team Building: Up here it's just a bit different

In the Northwest Territories we have team work down "pat." We've learned from the naturals – the dog teams that you can use to explore our land and water (maybe snow? Ice?) in the winter. It's guaranteed to be a howling good time.

A Northern dog-team tour will have you hitching a gang of huskies to an old-fashioned sled and you'll not only relive an ancient mode of Arctic travel, you'll also develop an instant bond with a fluffy, scruffy kennel-full of teammates.

Getting to know the pups is half the fun. You'll experience how each plays an essential role – the alert, pace-setting lead dog; the clever, collaborative "swing dogs"; and the hard-pulling, unflappable "wheel dogs."

And best of all, you'll learn your role – as the cheerleader, coach and team-mom, all rolled into one. Wanna head out on the trail? Here's what you can expect from your adventure with the pack.

Smiling Faces

Sled-tour dogs are bred to pull your heartstrings!

Seriously, these lovable pooches are often eager for a big ol' bear-hug. Ask your guide first, to figure out which dogs are most keen for squeezin'.

Wide Open Spaces

Pups will take you places you could never reach by car, foot or ski. Even better, they'll get you there in haunting silence. This is the authentic way to experience the Northland.

Jumping for Joy

When sled dogs are rarin' to race, they're the essence of enthusiasm. It's not unusual to see them bounding five feet high, tugging at their gangline and squealing with pent-up delight.


Don't let their size fool you. Huskies are wannabe lap dogs, eager to get a cuddle from their two legged friends.

'The Call of the Wild'

The other sign of an eager sled-dog is that they'll be yipping and yowling and howling with anticipation. Seconds before lift-off, a husky team is a deafening clamour. Then, the moment they hit the trail, all is eerily calm.


When your huskies go galloping down a forested trail, you'll know: A dogsled tour is as close as you'll ever get to effortless motion.


There are few creatures more stately than a high-end sled dog. The jaunty stance, the alert ears, the powerful chest and haunches, the ghostly eyes. They're beautiful beasts.

Did We Mention Cuddles?

Solid team work deserves a reward – like a big old sloppy kiss and a cuddle.

To learn more about the spectacular dog-team tours of the Northwest Territories, check out our dogsledding section, where you can find more stories, great packages, and plenty of operators that'll ensure you experience the adventure of a lifetime.

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