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Home Story The 5 best things about Folk on the Rocks

The 5 best things about Folk on the Rocks

Folk on the Rocks is one of Canada’s top summertime music and cultural festivals, hosting performers from the NWT, Nunavut, and all across Canada for the North’s biggest party under the Midnight Sun. It’s one of the biggest summer events in Yellowknife, and a popular attraction for summer travellers from outside the territory.

Its popularity is well-deserved! Folk on the Rocks is, without a doubt, a must-see summer event in the NWT. Here are five of the best things about Folk on the Rocks and the reasons why it’s the highly anticipated event of the summer.

The Energy You Have Under the Midnight Sun

Folk on the Rocks is one of the liveliest events of the summer also thanks to the energizing presence of the Midnight Sun. Because the festival happens  shortly after the summer solstice, the sun will still be peeking through the horizon  in Yellowknife, staying out to light the party well into the night.

Anyone who has experienced the Midnight Sun knows that the long hours of sunlight are likely to make you lose track of time, until you realize it’s much later than you would have expected. The sun will barely be setting and you won’t feel tired at all. With a good amount of sunscreen and plenty of water, you’ll be prepared to dance the night away.

The Sandy Lakefront Venue

The Folk on the Rocks site is as unique and Northern as the musical performances themselves. The venue is a large sandy beach that leads out into Long Lake – one of the most popular and accessible lakes just outside of Yellowknife. Not only does the breeze off the water keep the grounds cooler throughout the day, but the crystal clear waters, rolling slabs of the exposed Canadian shield, and the expansive bright sky are all iconic parts of the Northern landscape.

This unique  venue is part of what makes Folk on the Rocks stand out  from other music festivals. All around you are reminders that you are in an incredible part of the world and experiencing the breathtaking landscapes and culture of the North.

Right Outside of Yellowknife

The Long Lake venue makes Folk on the Rocks feel completely immersed in the spectacular natural beauty of the Northwest Territories. Surrounded by water, sand, trees and open air, it’s easy to forget that you’re less than a 10 minute drive  away from downtown Yellowknife and all the amenities of the city.

Like every community in the NWT, Yellowknife is a city where the stunning natural landscapes of the North are preserved right in the heart of the city. This means enjoying the best of both worlds is easy.  Start your morning off by driving down the Ingraham Trail to hike to Cameron Falls – the nearby waterfall, and be back in Yellowknife for lunch. After a good meal, take a walk through a local art gallery before heading to the Folk on the Rocks site for an evening of live music on the beach.

Canadian Legends and Local Treasures

Because of the stunning outdoor venue and unique Northern experience it offers, Folk on the Rocks attracts a lot of well-known Canadian artists who’ve dreamt of experiencing summer in the North.The festival is known for being a lively, fun, and entertaining event  and a space where a variety of musical artists with different backgrounds collaborate and appreciate each other’s work and performances. Across the six stages, big names and small names all make their way to Folk on the Rocks to be part of the North’s biggest party.

There’s no better place to get a true taste for the variety of genres and styles that make up Canadian music. You’ll also find new artists – many of which have roots in the North and Northern cultures.

The Incredible Local Merch

Musicians aren’t the only artists who flock to Folk to show off their skills. On the festival grounds, you’ll find local eats and beverages from Yellowknife’s best food vendors, as well as crafts and artwork from artists across the NWT and Canada. The vendor tents are a great place to pick up Northern souvenirs, from handmade Dene jewellery and clothing, to your favourite band’s t-shirts and records.

Folk on the Rocks is one of the biggest summer events in Yellowknife and it’s an iconic part of summer in the North. With unique Northern artists, a stunning venue, and the magic of the Midnight Sun, Folk on the Rocks is sure to be an unforgettable part of your summer trip to the Northwest Territories.

The Northwest Territories is made spectacular by the thriving cultures, deep histories, and rich traditions of the people who call it home. Don’t miss your opportunity to experience the authentic art and culture of the NWT on your visit through the North.

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