Sachs Harbour, the northernmost community in the NWT is located on Banks Island in the High Arctic. It is the only settlement on Banks Island, where more than half the world's muskoxen make their home. From Sachs Harbour, or Ikaahuk "Place to which you cross," visit the placid Aulavik National Park with its bird sanctuaries and the northernmost navigable river in Canada, the Thomsen.

Its name comes from The Mary Sachs, a vessel in explorer Vilhjalmur Stefansson’s Canadian Arctic Expedition of 1913.

This community of about 130 is the ancestral territory of the Inuvialuit. Sachs Harbour's roots as a permanent settlement date to 1929, when three Inuit families from the Mackenzie Delta sailed here to harvest valuable pelts form the area's flourishing white fox population.

Access Sachs Harbour by air from Inuvik. 

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