Paddling brings us back to our basic rhythms. Our goal is to improve your kayaking and canoeing skills in an atmosphere of fun and friendship, and share our pristine land and water with you. You can count on our experienced instructors and northern guides to set you up for an unforgettable course, tour or camp!

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Planning on paddling a wild northern river, like the Nahanni? We offer specialized courses for northern river trippers, from northern river tripping instructors.

For rookie paddlers with big ambitions or experienced enthusiasts seeking a tune-up: we have a paddling course designed for you. We offer lake and whitewater canoe, whitewater rescue and sea kayaking courses. We would also be happy to customize a course for you!

If you rent from us, you’ll get high quality gear in great condition. To make things simple, all canoe rentals include a lifejacket, bailer, paddles, whistle and throw bag. All kayak rentals include lifejacket with whistle, paddle float, throw bag, spray skirt, bilge pump.

We offer 16’ and 17’ prospector canoes, as well as single and tandem fibreglass kayaks. Our boats are ideal for a day paddle to explore Yellowknife Bay, multi-day trip down the Ingraham Trail, or extended expedition deep into the Northwest Territories. We've also got you covered for drysuit and camping equipment rentals. All you need to bring is a sense of adventure. 



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Our Youth Outdoor Leadership Camps will take youth to the pristine wilderness and clear waters on the rivers and lakes in the Yellowknife area. Staff are chosen for their experience, skills and ability to make trips fun and safe. Campers will learn the fundamental skills of teamwork, navigation, paddling strokes, and rescues. The aim of the camp is to provide campers with the confidence to plan and take part in trips, and to teach them what is required to be a successful leader in the outdoors.

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