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Home Package Canoe Trips On The Lockhart River


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Aylmer Lake Lodge


Kevin & Patti McNeil


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Canoe Trips On The Lockhart River

OFFER DATE: July - August 2025

Welcome to the barren-lands of the Northwest Territories, Canada. This is where the animals are unique and majestic on the barren-lands. The rivers and lakes spectacular to navigate.  At our lodges we are located in the prime area for caribou viewing, thousands of Caribou migrate through annually, Arctic Wolves they follow the caribou as this is a main source of food for the wolves and the possibility to see the pre historic Muskox lumbering along the barren grounds, and the odd Wolverines prowling through there hunting grounds. The Lockhart River system is world renown for its navigability, it’s scenic vistas, opportunities to view wildlife and the remote out of touch with the world experience. There is nothing more serene then quietly paddling along waters that are a constant picture that could be beautifully framed and put on your wall.

Our Territory

Our area is located in the northern barren-lands region of the Northwest Territories, Canada. We are located past the boreal forest into the barren-lands, that are renown for their giant lakes and river drainage that makes for tremendous vistas and viewing of many species of animals as it’s a game rich environment. The animal population on the barren-lands is high with populations estimated in the thousands of animals. You will be remote, which puts you in the heart of pristine wilderness.  All of our Fishing Lodges lie within the Northwest Territory closed caribou zone. The Caribou are a main food source for the wolves, therefore the wolves follow the caribou herds. This is a prime area for caribou, arctic wolves, muskox and wolverines great photo opportunities as they present.  We have a complete day by day itinerary for our 14 day canoe trip leaving from Courageous Lake Lodge.

What to Expect

From Courageous Lake you will enter into the Snake River which leads you into McKay Lake. You will cross McKay Lake to the north end and enter the Lockhart River we canoe the river to Out Ram Lake we cross Outram Lake and enter the Lockhart River which then is a short distance into Aylmer Lake. You are 80 km (50 miles) from Aylmer Lake Lodge when you enter Aylmer Lake. You have travelled through 4 lakes and 2 river systems on your 14 day canoe journey.

Getting Here

Your starting destination for your tour is the city of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada. There are daily flights into Yellowknife from Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Ottawa. You will need to fly into Yellowknife the day before.  The next day you will be boarding a charter flight that will fly you into the lodge to begin your tour. We work to have you arrive so that you are into the canoe and heading out to your first overnight camp. Once you arrive at the charter plane your trip begins. Your flight is approximately one hour and you need to dress in layers for the charter flight.

Trip Price $10,500.00 CDN plus GST for 14 days

  • Larger groups can contact us us for additional people being added to a group trip. We will adjust our guide ratio to accommodate your trip.
  • Maximum clients per trip is 10

Canoe Dates: 2024/2025


14 day Canoe Trips 

July 7 – July 20

July 22 – August 2

August 4 – August 15

August 17 – August 29


14 day Canoe Trips

July 6 – July 19

July 21 – August 3

August 5 – August 16

August 18 – August 29

Additional Details

  • We require a 50% deposit. Your final payment is due 90 days prior to your trip. All bookings are non-refundable.
  • Contract documents will be forwarded via email for electronic signature. Your documents must be signed and returned within 7 business days of booking.

What’s Included

  • Pick up at float dock for transport by plane to Jolly Lake
  • Professional Guides for your trip on the tundra
  • Camping equipment and Canoes
  • Unscheduled charter flights

Not Included

  • Commercial flights in and out of Yellowknife
  • Hotels before and after your adventure
  • Scheduled charter flights are included. If you elect to leave the lodge or remote camps for other, than scheduled flights it’s at your cost to charter a flight out. The charter company is called they require full payment be paid before flight leaves the airport.
  • Due to fluctuating fuel costs, a fuel surcharge maybe applicable
  • Please be advised that we reserve the right to change our current price listed. Prices are locked in at time of booking.
  • We highly recommend that you purchase cancellation insurance, given that world events can interfere Medical Emergency Insurance.  Cancellation insurance, Medical emergency fly out insurance. Global Rescue