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Home Story Inuvik Celebrates Summer: 4 Events & Festivals Under the Arctic Midnight Sun

Inuvik Celebrates Summer: 4 Events & Festivals Under the Arctic Midnight Sun

Get up here and join us for some of the best festivals and events in the North. It’s easy enough. With daily flight service from Yellowknife, you can jump on a jet and be in Inuvik in less than two hours. Or, if you’d rather take the scenic route, drive past the Arctic Circle to Inuvik, which is located at the end of the legendary Dempster Highway.

Here are four festivals and events to enjoy under the Midnight Sun.

1. Inuvialuit Day

On June 5, 1984 the Government of Canada recognized the Inuvialuit Settlement Region as the westernmost Inuit land-claims area in Canada. Today, the Inuvialuit people celebrate with drum dancing, music, and plenty of good eats! Join in the fun on June 5, 2020.

2. Outdoor Arctic Market

The Arctic Market runs every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at Jim Koe Park, rain or shine (or snow…). If it’s grown, made, carved, sewn, cooked, baked or created, you’ll find it here! Runs Saturdays during the summer.

3. National Indigenous Peoples Day

Every June 21, Canadians celebrate the cultures of First Nations, Inuit and Métis on National Indigenous Peoples Day. In Inuvik, people from all cultures celebrate with traditional Inuvialuit drumming, dancing and food.

4. Great Northern Arts Festival

It’s the world’s finest celebration of Arctic arts, featuring 10-days of polar fashion, music, dancing, games and artistic creation. The Great Northern Arts Festival showcases artists and performers from across the North and will be held in mid-July 2020.

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