North Star Adventures

We offer interesting and fun Day Tours in both Summer and Winter seasons. We also offer multi-day adventure experiences, each showcasing one of many wonderful places to see and experience here in the Northwest Territories. We are a smaller tour company so we can you a more personal tour experience. We grew up in Yellowknife, we worked, played and lived in many communities all across the NWT, we know Yellowknife! We know the Northwest Territories! Also as a 100% Aboriginal owned tour company with all Aboriginal guides we are able to provide our guests with a genuine, authentic Aboriginal experience. Visit our website for more details about our fun Day Tours and our cool multi-day Adventure packages. 

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Joe Bailey
Primary Phone Number:
(867) 446-2900
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(867) 446-5374
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(867) 446-2900
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(867) 446-2900
P.O. BOX 352
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2N3

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Specialized Tours
Summer, Winter

Yellowknife Photography Tour - Yellowknife has many subjects waiting to be photographed. On this tour we will take you to what we think are some of the better spots to take a photograph. Whether it be a portrait of the colorful characters of Yellowknife or scenery and landscape or art or abstract Yellowknife has it all. We offer 2 different tour options, each tour takes you to different locations with different subjects to photograph. Both tours are offered in the evening to allow you to catch the setting sun - the colors are amazing! Make sure to bring your zoom, wide angle, fisheye and macro lens for these tours. There’s something for everyone. Minimum 4 persons per tour. 6:00pm - 9:00pm; $99.00+GST/person

Aurora Day Trips
Summer, Winter

Aurora Viewing Tours: Yellowknife is the best place in the world to view Aurora! We are a smaller tour company, so we can offer you a more personalized Aurora viewing experience. We take you out and “hunt” for the Aurora. When we reach our destination we park and view the Aurora. We will tell you about the science of Aurora, identify the planets, photograph the Milky Way, the moon and the many stars, look for shooting stars (make a wish!). We will take free professional photos of you and Aurora. If you have your own camera we will help with your settings so you can take own awesome photo of the Aurora, and we even have free tripods. We offer 3 Aurora tour options:
1. Aurora Hunting 4.0hr - $109.00+tax/person;
2. Aurora Photography Tour 5.0hr - $149.00+tax/person;
3. Aurora By Snowmobile 5.0hr - $199.00+tax/person.
Visit our website for more details.

Boat Tours

Great Slave Lake Boat Tour: Enjoy a comfortable 2 hour boat cruise on one of the largest lakes in the world, the Great Slave Lake! See Yellowknife and its surrounding scenery just as famous explorers Hearne, Mackenzie and Franklin saw it over 200 years ago. As a 100% Aboriginal owned tour company, you will learn about the history of the Yellowknives Dene Indians, the history of Yellowknife and the wildlife and geography of the area. We will boat beside and talk about the colourful houseboats, the floatplane base and the Indian Village. Then we head out further on the Great Slave Lake to one of the many islands 15km from Yellowknife for a nice, quick nature hike and great photo opportunities, then back to Yellowknife. Meet us down at the boat or we offer pickup and drop-off service for $10.00/person. Guests should wear proper footwear for some light hiking. Includes healthy snacks, water and free photos. Please note: If winds are 20kms or more tour is cancelled or re-scheduled.
Tour Dates and Times: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 1:00 – 3:00pm; Sunday 6:00 – 8:00pm, $79.00+tax/person. Visit our website for more details.

Cultural Experiences
Summer, Winter
Aboriginal Culture City Tour: Welcome to Sombe K’e (Yellowknife), it means “place of money” in our Denesuline language. On this tour we will introduce you to our Aboriginal culture. We will talk about our customs, our history and teach you some of our language, we will show you our Aboriginal village. Feel free to ask as many questions as you want - our Aboriginal guides are always happy to share colourful and enlightening stories about our culture and how we are trying to maintain our culture in today’s modern world. On this tour you will meet some very cool Aboriginal and Inuit friends. Includes traditional foods, snacks, pick-up and drop off from your hotel or B&B and free photos. Tour dates and times: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 2:00-4:00pm. Visit our website for more details.
Bus Tours & Services
Summer, Winter

Sightseeing City Tour: Welcome to Yellowknife! On this tour you will learn the rich history of Yellowknife. As lifelong residents of Yellowknife we can give you a uniquely personal insight into Yellowknife and its colorful history. Joe grew up on the famous “Ragged Ass Road” playing kick the can and cowboys and Indians and will give you a fun 1.5hr sightseeing tour of the Aurora capital of the world! We will show you Old Town, downtown, new southside, and we will also show you the restaurants, souvenir stores, museum, the visitor center and more! Includes pick up and drop off from your hotel or B&B, free photos and if we have time a quick stop at Tim Horton’s. 1.5hr - $79.00+tax/person

Fishing Day Trips
Northern Pike
The Great Slave Lake is one of the largest lakes in the world and is home to MONSTER Northern Pike! Our Aboriginal guides are courteous, skilled, and professional and know the best spots to catch your MONSTER Pike. This 4.0hr tour provides enough time for some quality and relaxing big lake fishing. We provide all the gear, you just need to show up or if you need a ride, we offer a pickup and drop off service for $10.00/person. Guests will be required to present a valid NWT Sport Fishing License prior to departure. Please note: If winds are 20km or more, tour is cancelled or re-scheduled. Tour dates and times: Daily 7:00am to 12:00pm; Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun 1:00pm to 5:00pm; Tue, Thu, Sat 6:00pm to 9:00pm. Starts at $109.00+tax/person. Visit our website for more details.
Nature & Wildlife
Summer, Winter
We offer 2 Nature Hike tour options. Both tours takes you out into the wilderness trails outside of Yellowknife. If you're looking to experience northern Canada wilderness and get some light exercise these tours are for you. Bring your macro, wide angle and zoom lens if you have them, this tour provides a great opportunity to take some pretty cool photos. We will also take photos of you throughout the tour. Includes free pickup and drop-off, healthy brown bag lunch and drink, walking poles and free photos and videos (please provide USB or SD card). Please Note: Guests do not need previous hiking experience, however it is preferred that you are in reasonable physical shape and have proper footwear. Walking poles are provided if needed. Prelude Nature Hike: $99.00+tax/person; Cameron Falls Nature Hike: $109.00+tax/person. Visit our website for more details.
Nature & Wildlife

Buffalo Viewing Tour: Genuine Aboriginal Experience! On this 5hr tour, we will drive the highways of northern Canada and look for North America's biggest wild buffalo. We will stop at North Arm Park for lunch and enjoy the scenery of the Great Slave Lake. As a 100% Aboriginal tour company our Aboriginal guides are always happy to tell stories and answer any questions you may have about our culture. Tour departs Yellowknife 10:00am (11:00am after August 07) and returns to Yellowknife around 3:00pm. We will stop at other spots along the tour and take many cool photos along the way. Includes brown bag lunch, healthy snacks, water and free photos and videos (please provide USB or SD card). 10:00am – 3:00pm (Jun 15 to Aug 06); 11:00am – 4:00pm (Aug 07 to Oct 07). Tour is available every day, however please give 24 hours notice. $149.00+tax/person.


Go for a fun snowmobile ride thru the wilderness and on the frozen lakes of northern Canada! Snowmobile to our trapper's tent where we will stop for delicious bannock and hot drinks. Listen to the stories about how life was like in the old days. Drive your own snowmobile! There will be 2 guests per snowmobile unless when possible we can do 1 guest per snowmobile. For an additional charge, guests can drive their own snowmobile. Minimum 4 person per tour. 2.5hr - $149.00+tax/person; 3.5hr - $199.00+tax/person