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What’s your ultimate Fort Smith weekend?

People camp and canoe in Fort Smith in the Northwest Territories

What’s your ultimate Fort Smith weekend?

Are you a thrill-seeker always up for a new adventure, or do you prefer a nice, relaxing escape from the ordinary? What about a combo of the two? Whatever kind of traveller you are, Fort Smith has the perfect extended-long weekend or week-long staycation options.

There’s almost too much to see and do in this South Slave community, which is why we’ve curated some can’t-miss itineraries. Take this quiz and find out what your ideal Fort Smith staycation should look like:

A person looks out over the Slave River in Fort Smith in the NWT

Ahhh, vacation time! What are you hoping to do?

1. Paddle, bike, hike, camp, trek – vacations are my time to get outside and do what I love! (3 points)

2. A little bit of learning, a little bit of relaxing, a little bit of the great outdoors. (2 points)

3. So excited to get away and relax. I need to de-stress. (1 point)

Northern lights Aurora dance in the sky above slave river by Forth Smith in the Northwest Territories

The stars are out and the aurora are dancing. Where are you?

1. Out in my vehicle, chasing them! Where else would I be? (3 points)

2. At my campsite, looking up! (2 points)

3. Taking a peek out the window, or I’ve already booked an aurora tour. (1 point)

People enjoy a  meal camping in the Northwest Territories

Arguably the most important thing about vacations is the food. What are you eating?

1. I’ve pre-packed and can’t wait for those campfire-cooked meals. (3 points)

2. I like a good balance. Some meals cooked over the charcoal at the campsite, a couple meals out, if possible. (2 points)

3. I can’t wait to eat out and not have to think about food! (1 point)

3 people enjoy a cabin in Fort Smith in the Northwest Territories

It’s time to sleep. What’s your go-to bedding?

1. Put me under the stars, please! Backcountry camping or tenting it, always. (3 points)

2. My RV, every time. (2 points)

3. Give me a solid roof – I like nature, but I’m not looking to be “one with it.” (1 point)

A pelican on the Slave River in Fort Smith, N.W.T.

Fort Smith has some incredible wildlife. Where do you want to encounter those critters?

1. In their natural habitats – safely and not disturbing them, of course! (3 points)

2. Bird-watching with my morning coffee, please. (2 points)

3. I’ll stick to a museum or farm, thanks. (1 point)

Kayakers on the Slave River near Fort Smith in the N.W.T.

The water is calling to you. How are you going to take the plunge?

1. I want to hit those rapids, in a canoe or trying my hand at stand-up paddleboarding. (3 points)

2. A guided paddle tour is more my speed. (2 points)

3. I’m going to watch the pelicans on the waves and enjoy the sunset from the shore. (1 point)

Paddlers high five on the Slave River in the Northwest Territories

Now add up your score!

15-18 points: Adventure time itinerary

You’re a rugged adventurer who loves to blaze their own trail. Your personal Fort Smith staycation starts at the Pine Lake Campground in Wood Buffalo National Park. Rent a canoe or stand-up paddleboard from the Fort Smith Paddling Club and play around on the water at Pine Lake. Explore the area with a hike or bike along the trails surrounding the lake. Then, have an out-of-this-world experience on a self-guided trek to Grosbeak Lake. Click here to check out the full weekend itinerary and special offers for staycation travellers.

11-14 points: Local immersion itinerary

You like the best of both worlds – comfort and excitement. Start your ideal Fort Smith staycation at the Pelican Rapids Inn. Then head over to the Desnedé Farmers Market and delight in its many treasures. Check out locally grown produce, baked goods, and other locally made products every Sunday from 1 until 4 p.m. in season at Mission Park. Head down to the Rapids of the Drowned to view Fort Smith’s famous pelicans up close or book a stand-up paddleboard lesson with the local Paddling Club. Click here to check out the full weekend itinerary and special offers for staycation travellers.

6-10 points: The Retreat itinerary

Take it easy with the perfect staycation to unwind. There are plenty of comfy options for a relaxing stay in Fort Smith, from the WBNP Pine Lake Cabins, to the Pelican Rapids Inn or the Wood Buffalo Inn. Grab your favourite coffee at the NSixty Trading Company and enjoy a self-guided walk along the Thebacha Trail boardwalk. Be sure to book a free tour at the Northern Life Museum & Cultural Centre for a behind-the-scenes look at the art, culture and history of the region. Don’t miss the gift shop! Click here to check out the full weekend itinerary and special offers for staycation travellers.

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