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Find out more about the current wildfire and wildfire-related concerns in the NWT.

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Wherever two wheels will take you

There’s something about being surrounded by natural beauty that makes you want to simultaneously immerse yourself in your environment while making sure to minimize your own environmental impact on it. Northerners, and the people drawn to the North are big on getting around on your own steam. On the water this means paddling, but on the land, this means hiking and biking.

Yes, the temperatures may drop below 40° C in the winter, but Northerners are out on their bikes all year long. Be sure to try a fat bike and peddle along our famous ice roads, or mount a traditional road or mountain bike and experiences the trails. For the cycle tourists, try your hand at the mighty Dempster, on two wheels, or pack your saddlebags with camping supplies and see our beautiful parks without an ounce of gasoline. It’s one way to ensure you’re leaving this incredible land just as you left it.