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Community Tours Show You What Not To Miss In Our Communities

Across the wide and varied landscapes and cultures of the Northwest Territories, no two communities are alike. From bustling cities to quiet and traditional towns, each community in the NWT is rich with history, culture, adventure, and stories of what life is like in Canada’s North. There’s no better way to meet Northerners and immerse yourself in Northern living than taking a locally-led community tour.

Whether you’re road-tripping through the North or spending a day in town before flying onwards, experience the warmth of Northern hospitality on a local community tour.

Let locals show you the ins and outs of their communities on a community tour and you’ll find insider knowledge is the best way to discover the history behind cultural landmarks, the best places to eat or the most scenic walking paths. Northern community tour guides are proud of their communities and possess a wealth of knowledge about local experiences and must-see attractions. Local guides can also give you a heads-up on any events happening in town while you’re visiting.

Looking to see some of the outstanding locally-crafted art? Talented Indigenous artists live in every community, working with traditional materials and long-practiced techniques. Your guide can direct you to galleries and community centres where you can purchase art or even take part in a cultural demonstration or workshops and learn cultural skills like cabin building, harvesting, and food processing.

In winter, tour operators will pick you up and drive you where you can find the best Northern Lights display, providing cozy weather gear so you can stand beneath the Aurora in total comfort, topping off your perfect night with a hot drink and freshly baked bannock. While you are waiting for an Aurora tour at night, day tours in many communities may also include dogsledding, ice fishing, ice road tours, or snowmobile excursions.

A community tour in any of the communities across the NWT is the best way to learn about the history and culture of the community and hear about the most interesting things to do during your visit. Spend a day or two in town and let locals show you what makes life in the North so spectacular.