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Road Tours

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Take a Road Tour To See The Spectacular NWT

A road tour brings all the charms of the NWT – its wildlife, scenic hiking trails, and waterfalls – within reach even if you don’t have your own vehicle or prefer to leave the driving to experts. You’ll find opportunities for adventure, thriving cultures, and the timeless legacy of life in the North surrounding every community in the NWT. A road tour is a perfect way to extend your reach just a little farther and see more of what makes the Northwest Territories so spectacular.

While most visitors travel to the NWT by plane, local operators are ready to hit the open road with you. Whether it’s to see sights around Yellowknife, attractions in other NWT communities or even to dip into nearby areas like Alberta or the Yukon, our friendly and knowledgeable guides will be happy to help you explore.

Because life in the NWT is lived in such close proximity to the expansive and pristine landscapes of the North, travelling out by road even a short distance can provide access to scenic day-use areas, valued cultural sites, or local hiking trails across the NWT.

Most trips to the NWT kick-off in the vibrant, friendly city of Yellowknife. A road tour around the lively community of Old Town will bring you to Bush Pilot’s Monument where you’ll have a bird’s eye view of this unique city and its surroundings. Whether it’s watching float planes dip and dance in summer, or catching a mesmerising Northern Lights display in winter, this spot provides fantastic photo opportunities. A road tour out of the capital city in a comfy coach or tour bus will take you to the towering Cameron Falls, located about an hour’s drive up the Ingraham Trail.

In other communities, road tours often follow the routes that lead to meaningful places for residents. Whether it’s an accessible boat launch for an ideal fishing day trip, a significant cultural site or landmark, or maybe the preferred camping spot of your local guide, there is no better way to truly get a taste of what life in the North is like.

Road tours lead you to the sights and experiences that make life in the NWT unique, memorable, and spectacular. Touring with a local guide around a Northern community is undoubtedly the best way to truly get to know more about the NWT and the people who call it home.