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Cross-Country Skiing

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Glide Across Arctic Cross-Country Skiing Trails

Cross-country skiing is one of the best ways to get around and stay active in the winter. Ski clubs in the Northwest Territories groom beautiful trail networks to have you gliding through the spectacular Northern backcountry or just around town. Outdoor equipment outfitters can provide cross-country skiing rentals, and many lodges provide equipment for all sorts of winter activities. Best of all, after a day of cross-country skiing through the NWT, you’ll really feel like you’ve earned a nice evening out on the town.

The Yellowknife Ski Club, Hay River Ski Club, and Forth Smith Ski Club provide the easiest access to groomed cross-country skiing trails around each community. For locals and visitors, these snowy backtrails provide complete immersion in the beauty of the Northern landscape. You’ll hardly believe you’re just a short distance from downtown. Ski equipment rentals in Yellowknife and Hay River are available through outdoor equipment outfitters to get you out on our frozen lakes and trails. Cross-country skiing is just one of the ways to spend your days enjoying the spectacular outdoors while staying warm.

Outside the community hubs, the wide world of the Canadian North is your cross-country skiing wonderland. The flat, frozen lakes and rivers that pocket the Northwest Territories are literal highways for the adventurous cross-country skiing enthusiast, and the rocky Canadian Shield and sprawling Arctic backcountry open up a world of possibilities to explore. Many winter wilderness lodges offer incredible trails and can be accessed by a short cross-country ski trip, although snowmobiling provides a faster experience for true thrill seekers.

From the pristine Arctic to the equally beautiful trails around our communities, the Northwest Territories provides an authentic feeling and an immersive landscape for cross-country skiing. Hit the trails and experience what it’s like to glide across the top of the world.