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Snowmobiling In The NWT Is A Full-Throttle Adventure

The best winter activities in the Northwest Territories all make the most of the spectacular beauty of Canada’s Northern landscapes, but one stands out from the rest for winter thrill-seekers. Whether you’re tearing across the boundless and open Arctic or exploring the trails just outside the city, snowmobiling is undoubtedly the fastest way to get around the snow-covered world of the NWT. Drive the portage trail along the Slave River, or hop aboard for a trip to a trapper’s camp or a cozy lodge – it’s a rush you won’t soon forget!

Once a heavy blanket of snow builds up on the weaving trails and thick ice levels out the frozen lakes and rivers, snowmobile enthusiasts start racing through the backcountry and winter roads.

Locals look forward to winter as our landscape is broadened by “freeze up” the annual freezing of the lakes.  What were long journeys around the lakes in summer are made quick by ice roads, and those on a snowmobile have a blank canvas in front of them to enjoy. Snowmobiling in the NWT is done for both recreation and transportation – it can be the easiest way to get out to stunning private cabins all across the territory or to ice-fishing huts out on deep frozen lakes.

In late March and early April, when the days get longer and winter activities continue, snowmobile races and festivals break out across many communities. Enjoy music, warm food and drinks, cultural demonstrations and more depending on the event, and get a taste for what it feels like to speed across the snow.

Some lodges and cabins in the NWT can provide rental snowmobiling equipment during your stay and, as such an essential form of winter transportation, it is easy to arrange for a fast-paced trip with a skilled driver. Snowmobile trips through the NWT are exhilarating and unforgettable – the perfect rush of adrenaline if you’re looking for exciting things to do during the winter in the Northwest Territories.