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Exhilarating Arctic Dogsledding Experiences. Race across the snow with the North’s most excitable guides.

Travelling across Canada’s Northwest Territories by dogsled was once the winter transportation option of choice. Today, it’s an unmistakable iconic Canadian winter experience – one that has a way of transporting you back in time as you race across the snowy landscape on a traditional oak toboggan. Sled dogs wait all year for the snow to build and the lakes to freeze. Their boundless energy will propel you on a full-day excursion through the backcountry or a quick jaunt around Yellowknife. Meet the members of a real sled dog team, race along with a professional musher, and take the reins in your own hands! These sled dogs are ready to take you on an authentic Northern dogsledding adventure.

Dogsledding tours in the NWT are a perfect addition to your itinerary of winter activities – part pristine wilderness tour, part exhilarating winter adventure. Your excursion can start on the front steps of your warm Arctic cabin, on the frozen bays around Yellowknife, or at the sled dogs’ kennels where they live as a team and family throughout the year. There, you’ll find the only group more excited about your dogsledding expedition than you are – the team of energetic sled dogs themselves.

All across the territory, Northerners welcome the winter months and all the thrilling winter activities that come with them. That’s especially true for the dogsledding teams. Sled dogs – mostly a mix Alaskan Malamutes and Siberian Huskies – are highly energetic dogs and an excitable cast of canine characters. They yearn to take off racing across the winter landscapes, and the Arctic backcountry provides them a nearly endless space to run wild, pulling you along for the adventure of a lifetime. When you get a chance to meet the dogs, you’ll find they are friendly, loveable, and above all, extremely lively. Experienced mushers know how to organize their enthusiastic chaos. The dogs will drop into sudden and silent focus as soon as they take off with your traditional toboggan or kicksled in tow with the jingling sound of the harness.

Dogsledding gets you out in the beautiful landscapes of the territory and immersed in a uniquely traditional winter activity. It’s truly a one-of-a-kind experience. The sled dogs radiate with warm excitement and their spectacular speed and control will take your breath away. Just be sure to save some composure for when the dazzling Aurora – the best Northern Lights in the world – make their appearance across the night sky.

Dogsledding across the Arctic with a real sled dog team feels like something out of a storybook, and it’s an experience you can’t miss. Whether you are looking for a quick race around the city or travelling the backcountry the traditional way, these sled dogs are literally jumping at the opportunity to take you around their wonderful wintery home.