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Nothing Says Winter Quite Like Snowshoeing – A Classic Winter Activity

Snowshoeing is a timeless and iconic way of travelling through the snowy world of the Canadian winter. In the Northwest Territories, this traditional winter activity lives on. People snowshoe recreationally on winter hikes, but it is also still the most efficient way to walk over deep snow out to a cozy cabin, secluded fire pit, or out into an unbroken field of snow – one of the best places to see the NWT’s spectacular Northern Lights. Get out this winter and experience snowshoeing throughout the North.

Snowshoes are a common household item in the Northwest Territories. While cars and snowmobiles are still the fastest modes of winter transport, snowshoeing is ideal for anyone venturing out into the Arctic backcountry, exploring the Boreal Forest or heading across the expanse of a frozen waterway.

At outdoor winter festivals in the NWT, you’ll find people taking snowshoe tours around the walking paths of the community, or testing their coordination and speed in a friendly snowshoe race. It definitely makes the typical three-legged race look easy by comparison! If you’re looking for a quieter solo experience, snowshoes are almost always available to try out at lodges or from the operator of your other winter activities. Any winter Aurora hunter knows that snowshoeing makes seeing the Northern Lights an unforgettable and iconic experience.

Snowshoes are more than just a fun way to get around during the winter – they are also a form of traditional art and a demonstration of craftsmanship. Around the homes of many Northerners, you’re likely to find handmade snowshoes displayed on the wall, many used by grandparents or great grandparents. Long before snowshoes were available from outdoor equipment suppliers, snowshoes were crafted by Indigenous artists, and the best snowshoes are still made by talented artists today. If you’re lucky, you may find a workshop with an Indigenous artist leading you through the traditional processes for making snowshoes.

You won’t have to worry about where snowshoes are available in the NWT – outdoor equipment stores supply them during the winter season, many cabins and lodges can provide them at your request, and you can always rely on Northern hospitality to point you in the direction of the best place to rent outdoor winter equipment in the NWT.

Snowshoeing is a classic winter activity in the NWT. Don’t miss an opportunity to step out into adventure this winter!