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man ice fishing in the dehcho

Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing

Don't let winter stop you from fishing

The most important thing about ice fishing is patience. Well, preparedness and then patience. The bulk of ice fishing is sitting and waiting. You go out onto the ice, you drill a hole, drop in a line and hook, and wait for a fish to take the bait. There's no magic to ice fishing. You could catch a fish in the first five minutes, or it could take you five hours. You'll want some snacks and something warm to sip on. Not to mention, a good buddy to entertain you with some stories. Don't be too disappointed if your fishing expedition doesn't yield much – at -30° C the fish, like most humans, are happy to hunker down and stay out of the cold. But if you get lucky and feel a tug on your line, haul that fish up before he gets away!

Northerns ice fish as soon as the ice is thick enough to bear all their gear, but in the early spring, from late March through to May, when the days start heating up and the sun glistens on the snow is when the ice fishing season really heats up.

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