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The Northern Lights by the numbers

Horton River camping in a tent with the Northern Lights in the sky above

The Northern Lights by the numbers:

Nights per year the aurora is visible in the central Northwest Territories
Nights per year it's visible in the High Arctic
Nights per year it's visible in Los Angeles
Hours per day that the aurora is active
Average elevation, in kilometers, of pale green auroras
Average elevation, in kilometers, or bright red auroras
The green blue and purple of the aurora dance in the sky above a lake in the Northwest Territories
Volts measured in auroras during intense magnetic storms.
Speed, in kilometers per hour, at which charged solar particles bombard Earth's atmosphere, setting off the aurora
Frequency per year that those bursts of particles hit the Earth
Number of years between peaks in auroral activity
Year in which Gallileo Galilei coined the name “aurora borealis”
Year in which North America experienced an aurora so massive it was seen in Mexico City


(Keen to see the Lights in person? Check out our Aurora adventures.)

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