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Please note that several NWT communities are still under evacuation alerts or orders due to the wildfire situation: see more information about the affected communities.

All-Inclusive Lodges

All-Inclusive Fishing Lodges

Enjoy World-Class Luxury and Record-Setting Fish at an All-Inclusive Fishing Lodge 

Fishing across the pristine landscapes of the North doesn’t have to be a rough and rugged experience. Fly out to an all-inclusive lodge for a relaxed and remote fishing experience like no other. An all-inclusive fishing lodge in the Northwest Territories can be your luxurious lake-side retreat while you explore the wild landscapes and waterways of the North. Get ready for an unforgettable Canadian fishing trip. 

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Your stay at an all-inclusive fishing lodge in the NWT will make for the perfect Canadian vacation for fishing enthusiasts and first-timers alike. The remote lodges offer full accommodations - refurbished yet rustic lodges make for an authentic-feeling experience without sacrificing comfort, on-staff chefs and housekeeping provide immaculate hospitality, and many lodges offer knowledgeable guides for all sorts of excursions. On days where you aren’t fighting colossal lake trout or gathering record numbers of Arctic Grayling, take time to enjoy inspiring nature hikes and boat tours, immersive wildlife viewing adventures, recreational access to kayaks and canoes, Indigenous cultural experiences and more. All of these excursions are sure to keep any non-fishers happy during their stay at an all-inclusive fishing lodge, making it the perfect destination for families.

The lakes and rivers of the Northwest Territories are known around the world for our record-setting-sized trophy fish which bite in bountiful numbers. The summer fishing season in the NWT is truly unlike anywhere else in the world, thanks to our spectacular Midnight Sun. While it’s true that our winters are long and the thousands of lakes and rivers are often frozen - our summers enjoy nearly endless sunlight under the unsetting sun. Under the Midnight Sun, the hungry fish of the NWT take full advantage of long dusks and dawns to hunt in their preferred environments - from the deep dark depths of Great Slave Lake and Great Bear Lake to the shallow and clear tundra rivers. All-inclusive lodges are often situated between many prime fishing locations to fit a variety of styles and skill levels, and some provide fly-in charters to truly spectacular remote spots. Whether you prefer angling from the middle of a rocky stream or delving into the depths of a lake, NWT fish will come biting in numbers you won’t believe.

Amenities and accommodations at an all-inclusive fishing lodge in the Northwest Territories are world-class. These lodges have hosted high-profile guests, organizations from around the world, and royalty to the territory, and many guests make it a priority to return year after year to enjoy all the offerings of these Northern fishing lodges. All-inclusive fishing lodges are often accessed by fly-in float planes from Yellowknife, the capital city and travel hub for the territory. Charter planes fly to communities and lodges every day, making them remarkably easy to access from any major Canadian city. Most lodges recommend spending one night in Yellowknife to make your charter connection and the city has a thriving culture of its own to enjoy before you set off on an all-inclusive experience. 

These amazing fishing lodges combine the privacy and authenticity of a cabin out in the wilds of the North with the luxury, comfort, and legendary Northern hospitality of a resort. The quality of your stay at an all-inclusive fishing lodge is sure to match the world-class fishing you’ll enjoy during your visit. These lodges are ready to provide you with an unforgettable fishing experience. 

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