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Lake Trout

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World-record behemoths of the deep

The waters of the Northwest Territories are home to the most incredible Lake Trout in Canada. In lakes across the territory, these colossal fish are the lords and they live up to their reputation with their astonishing size and fierce fight. But what really shocks fishers is how quickly another trout comes along to tug on your line. Breaking your personal record is a common occurrence when casting for Lake Trout in the NWT, and you may even break a world-record while you’re at it.

Fishing for Lake Trout in the NWT can often land you a catch weighing between 15 kg (33 lbs) and 25 kg (55 lbs), but every year more anglers walk away with stories of record-setting Lake Trout coming in at a scale-crushing 35 kg (77 lbs)!  The depths of Great Slave Lake and Great Bear Lake are the most famous hunting grounds for these beasts, but gargantuan trout can be found even in smaller lakes.

In early summer, you’ll find Lake Trout in the clear and shallow waters off the points and reefs of lakes with a ferocious hunger. Large Lake Trout will take silver spoons, wigglers, spinners, surface plugs and dry flies, and anglers can enjoy sight casting into the crystal clear water. By mid-summer, Lake Trout return to the cold depths of the deepest lakes. You’ll need jigs and buzz bombs to reach down into these cold waters, and a strong arm to reel in the colossal catches that lurk there. 

In the NWT you’ll find fishing day trip operators and fishing lodges all promising an unforgettable Lake trout fishing experience on waters across the territory – and they aren’t exaggerating! There are countless lakes and clear shallows in the Northwest Territories, and there’s a good bet that your next record-setting Lake Trout is waiting in any one of them. Fishing lodges and day-trip operators are spread as far across the North as the fish themselves, each with their own favoured spots for the best Lake Trout fishing in Canada. Your package may include a float plane ride out to one of these remote locations, where you can enjoy a full day tackling trout in their deep domains. 

The Northwest Territories is among the best places in the world for Lake Trout fishing, whether you appreciate the simple pleasures of a day out on the water or you’re looking to land your next trophy Lake Trout. Discover what waits for you in the spectacular waters of the NWT.